The Mutuals: What is it?

As you guys may know, we have just launched The Mutuals with its Episode 1 title which has been positively praised at the moment. I have had a lot of questions regarding The Mutuals and the future going forward for the podcast.

The podcast is a DiscussingFilm production, also known as that it is under my control as well as amazing help from Extra who has done a brilliant job of helping organise the podcast with me and such, Dawg who recorded the first attempt of the podcast that although wasn’t the first episode, I am proud of Dawg’s work as well as the legendary Scott, who recorded and edited the first episode with amazing effort when he wasn’t even planning on being in the episode. Thank you to all the people who were apart of the first episode as well as Scott, Dawg and Extra who all gave a big contribution each respectively.

Anyhow firstly people want to do how The Mutuals works, each episode will have a different set of hosts/guests ranging from 2-6 people each episode, there will be occasions where it is over 6 episodes, each episode will have a rotating cast to spice it up such as one episode could be Dawg, Extra and Shark and then the next could be me, Scott, Ari, Deth and Eric. Point is that it will be a rotating roster each episode and not a set episode.

Each main episode will be about comic book movies, movies, films, TV, Games, anything really geek culture related but there will be some YouTube stuff to appeal to a wider demographic of audience.

There will be a main episode each week that films Saturday or Sunday with possibility for 1-2 mini episodes each week. Mini episodes will be 20-40mins long and main episodes will be 45min- 1hr15min+. As well as this, there will soon be audio commentaries possibly but we are not totally sure yet.

The main episodes are set up with news topics of the week then afterwards there will be a segment where for example we might review a new film or we’ll pitch a movie we think should have be nominated for an Oscar for example. This will be done to give a good discussion at the end of the podcast as well as to give viewers input aswell.

If there are any other questions please message them to myself @CinematicBanter.

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