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Why Inhumans are my favourite comic book team

by Jacob Fisher

2007 was my first introduction to comic books, and the first comic book I ever read was the Inhumans with first series I read being SILENT WAR, I picked it up late into the series, early April I believe and at the time I obviously missed the first two issues at the time which after a while I eventually read, however I didn’t pick them up until a few years later.

The series gave political issues and as I was young at that point, it made me become very fascinated by the issues these stories were presenting and the lasting effect that could’ve had on the Marvel Universe. Before then I wasn’t very interested in superheroes or comics because I thought they were all like Batman and Robin (the first superhero film I ever saw) so after that I stayed away from anything attached to the superhero brand but the Inhumans didn’t seem like a typical superhero comic, they felt more interesting, more political less about action.


They really felt less about explosions and felt more real. Their comics faced real problems and didn’t feel like a typical superhero style, there were no aliens attacking the Earth it felt like a real story with superheroes who felt like real people and they didn’t feel out of place like they would have somewhere else. I still like that comic to this day, I still love the Fantastic Four despite their recent departure from the comics and failed attempts at films as well as the Inhumans.

In retrospective the story wasnt that great but I think it was a superhero comic for people who don’t like the ‘superhero’ ascept. Ans because of that, I love superheroes now, I love the MCU all because of this comic. The Silent War comic also involved the Fantastic Four whom I like a lot because, like the Inhumans these teams are more about political issues and exploring as shown in this comic.

Black Bolt is easily one of my favourite characters in the Inhuman Royal Family as well as one of my favourite comic book characters overall, he was the type of character that was the strong leader, the dependable one, he would fight for his people and not just sit back like Dr Doom would for his people.


Medusa was a new character to me as well because I grew up with James Bond and every single female character was just in those films just for sex appeal and I hated that and I still really despise that when it’s still shown in some modern day media, I wanted a female character with personality and Medusa was that rare kind of female character that was just brilliant with her powers and her personality being both incredible.

Without that comic and without those amazing characters, I wouldn’t be who I am now and since then, I have come so far with the knowledge I’ve earned due to the stories told from the Inhumans comic books and I look forward to the series to deliver those stories to everyone.

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