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‘ETERNITY GIRL’ Issue #2 Review


When ETERNITY GIRL kicked off last month with its first issue, it brought a bold new concept along with it: what if an all-powerful God wanted to die but couldn’t? With the second issue, released today (4/11), we have moved closer to the answer of how our lead character, Caroline, may achieve that.

The last issue left us with a feeling of hope and happiness for Caroline, even if it may mean the end of all existence. This issue starts off with Caroline calling the office of the director of Alpha 13, but being sent to voicemail. After trying in vain to reach the person who put her on leave because of the “incident”, we then see her go to a comedy club with her therapist and possible friend. Intercut throughout the scene is more visions with Madame Atom from the first issue. In these visions, we learn more about how she can end her suffering.


Taking an obvious note from Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, there is one singular tower that holds all of reality together. If the tower goes down, so does everything in all of existence. It’s here we see just how powerful Caroline is. While in this vision she is also going to her old bosses house in the real world after leaving her friend at the comedy show. In both realities, she “defeats” the people standing in her way. In the real world, she confront her boss at his house and seemingly kills him by grabbing him and demolishing his house. At the same time in the reality of the tower, we see her beat what is essentially a god that protects the gates to the tower. However, it seems that she got the power to defeat this gatekeeper by channeling her bosses face onto its body and using that rage she feels against him.

While this issue didn’t have the same punch as the first issue, it still builds the world and fleshes out the story of Caroline. If the books following this one live up to the quality of the first two issues we are in for a treat. Eternity Girl not only handles a more serious tone and storyline but makes it easily digestible and relatable.


Issue #3 of Eternity Girl out 5/9

“While Eternity Girl and Madame Atom make their way to the mysterious Shining Tower that sits at the intersection of being and nothingness, Caroline’s old boss reveals a devastating secret about Eternity Girl’s powers that even she doesn’t know, but that could destroy her for good. This looks like a job for…Never Man?”

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