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Coming week will see the release of perhaps the most anticipated comic book film since Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Ten years of interacting and interweaving stories that have featured some of the best talents the industry has to offer, come to an epic conclusion; Avengers: Infinity Wars.

The lead up to this film has a near tangible vibe surrounding it. The film’s plot and storyline have been superbly kept secret and hidden behind false rumours and misleading information. The studios provide enough source material to satisfy the thirst, for just a moment before the need for more starts to peak. The excitement build-up requires no help but was provided none the less with Marvel StudiosThor: Ragnarok and Black Panther. Both proving to be absolute block-busters and for Thor, by far the best film in the stand-alone trilogy.


Avengers: Infinity Wars is promising to be possibly the biggest comic book film ever made. It will feature an entire cast of ‘fan favourites’ both onscreen and off. The list of Marvel characters that have been expertly casted over the past ten years, just shows that the studio heads over at Marvel know exactly what they are doing and retain entire control over their massive empire. Marvel Studios realises that the directors, cast and crews of the individual character movies must be allowed the freedom required to manoeuvre and perform in order to create solid, working movies. This is something that Warner Bros should have been looking at instead of perhaps focussing on catching up to a juggernaut of a franchise that has been charging full-steam ahead for the past ten years. Take note Geoff Johns, take note; that is how you build an empire, with respect to the directors and people involved.

However once Avengers: Infinity Wars drops, what then? Will there be that slight empty void one experiences after finally attaining something that they’ve been wanting for a long period of time? That, ‘now what’  feeling? Maybe for some yes but fear not, for the rest of us there are a great deal of films coming out this year that will surely whet your need of another film hit.

Let us take a quick look at just some of the ‘coming soon’ features yet to be released for 2018.

Mission Impossible: Fallout
The Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill driven mission is looking the goods so far. Traditional ‘break-neck’ or literally ankle stunts from Tom Cruise in the early trailers with a rugged and deadly looking Henry Cavill, no pathetic CGI required, are promising to deliver perhaps the most exciting Mission to date.
It is also great to see favourites such as Ving Rhames and Simon Pegg returning along with Rebecca Ferguson to provide more than just a bit of eye-candy.
Mission Impossible: Fallout is released July 26 and is directed by Christopher McQuarrie.

The Predator
Certainly not the most anticipated film of 2018 but for the hardcore fans it is looking as though the Predator franchise may finally get a decent follow up after the pretty lacklustre Predator 2 and all the dismal Alien vs Predator films. The Predator is set to take place between the sequel and the actually not that bad of a film, Predators. The Predator is directed by Shane Black who has a long career in writing, Lethal Weapon and The Last Boyscout for example. Shane has moved on over to the director’s chair in recent years and already has a few solid films under his directing belt; Ironman 3.
Predators is out in September.

 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
It was fairly obvious from the very first release day of the previous Jurassic World film that a sequel would be made, and made it has been. Featuring more man-made, lab-rat dinosaur monsters that will chase after and devour a few odd pesky humans. Chris Pratt (Starlord) is back in the leading role of Indiana Jonesesque Owen with the equally, positively  distracting Claire played by Bryce Dallas Howard. If you watch the trailer the plot seems fairly obvious and I don’t feel I actually need to write much more about it.
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is out June 7 and is directed by J.A. BAyona.

Solo: A Star Wars Story.
When news hit that this film was going to be made, I think it is fair to say that the reaction was tepid. The excitement that Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story generated when announced was huge. The excitement was electrifying and more so when we all found out that George Lucas would have nothing to do with the making of these films. Those cringe worthy Star Wars prequels can never be forgiven really. However, the buzz around Solo just wasn’t there, I think for many it is a case of the studios just milking an already emptied cow or flogging that dead horse. But, when Ron Howard came on board as director and slowly, behind the scenes shots started showing up, that buzz started up again. Solo: A Star Wars Story features a pretty starry cast with Woody Harrelson, Emilia Clarke, Donald Glover and Alden Ehrenreich as the story’s titled and loved character; Han Solo. For the most part it will be interesting to see if Alden can fill the iconic boots of Harrison Ford’s Han Solo. I’m optimistic after that lukewarm beginning.
Solo: A Star Wars Story is out next month.


These four are but a handful of big films that are yet to come out this year. So if you do seem to have that empty feeling once you’ve viewed Avengers: Infinity Wars for the third time, don’t fret. There is a plentiful of quality theatrical films on the horizon with many more in the planning stages, hell even Mary Poppins Returns is coming this year to theatres

It is maybe well worth mentioning that not all films have to be block-busting money makers to be good films. Plenty pass us by under the radar and end up attaining a ‘classic’ fan favourite title, for an excellent example we can look at The Shawshank Redemption. This was considered a block buster failure in its theatrical run but has managed to become a true legendary film and rightly so. The Bourne Identity too was theatrically a failure but with the DVD and (then new) Bluray sales, it gained a fan base and spawned four sequels that are all top and successful movies.

So enjoy the coming year, plenty to see, watch and criticise because well, we all do that.

Joshua Kop
Discussing Film

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