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Potential Plot Details & Development Status For Warner Bros’ ‘Supergirl’ Film. (EXCLUSIVE)

by Jacob Fisher

With this week’s news consisting of the disappointing news that Henry Cavill may be departing the DCEU as Clark Kent/Superman, its uplifting to see that Warner Bros are seemingly not forgetting about the Supers and that the ‘Supergirl’ film is in active development with Oren Uziel currently developing the script (per Deadline).

Despite what people think, unlike Jared Leto’s ‘Joker’ film, the ‘Supergirl’ film is not a PR stunt, despite the announcement of the screenwriter happening on August 6th, the movie has been in developments for many months before and was in the works as early as February this year. With that being said, we do have some exclusive plot details on what the basic story consisted of, at least what the story was earlier in the development process.

It is unknown whether the story has changed since then or if it will change depending on how the situation with Henry Cavill goes (whether he leaves or stays) but despite this, this is what I’ve heard regarding the film so far:

The film will follow a teenage Kara in high school (similar to ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming), some of the first half of the film will take place on Krypton with the Earth portion of the film set to take place in the 70s, Brainiac is also rumoured to be the villain.

As for the status of the director, Warner Bros is currently on the hunt for a female director for the film with Reed Morano on their wish list, as previously reported by GWW, however no offer or contact to her has yet to be made but in her interview with Observer, she expressed interest in directing the film as well as the fancasting of Elle Faning as Supergirl.

Although there is no official word on when the film will begin production, the script has been in the works for months and the director hunt is on so it’s very possible that the film could receive a late 2019/early 2020 start depending on if development for the film keeps going smoothly.

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