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Dave Franco Set To Direct Airbnb Horror Film Starring Dan Stevens & Alison Brie (EXCLUSIVE)

by Jacob Fisher

During 2017, James Franco made his directorial debut with ‘The Disaster Artist’, a film that focused on a biopic regarding the creation of ‘The Room’ which is regarded as the ‘worst film of all time’. James Franco starred as the infamous Tommy Wiseau and Dave Franco starred as Tommy’s best friend Greg Sestero. Dave’s performance in ‘The Disaster Artist’ impressed many and it was expected that Dave may also follow in his brother’s footsteps to direct his own film.

We can confirm that Dave Franco will be making his directorial debut for the production company Black Bear Pictures which has developed films such as ‘The Imitation Game’ and ‘Mudbound’. The film will fall into the horror genre and will focus on two couples who rent an Airbnb vacation home and begin to suspect that the owner of the home is spying on them. It is currently set to begin filming on April 22nd in Portland with Dave Franco set to write and direct and James Franco set to produce.

So that’s it right? No more news on this film yet? Don’t leave so soon because we have two key casting details also for the film. Dan Stevens and Alison Brie have been cast in the film, although it is unknown what their characters will be, my assumption is that they are one of the two couples that are in the AirBnb house.

Let us know your thoughts on Dave Franco making his directorial debut with a horror film starring Dan Stevens and Alison Brie.

Black Bear Pictures have responded with no comment regarding this story.

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