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Suits: ‘Scenic Route’ Predictions

by Courtney Le

As Suits wraps up its final three episodes, there’s a lot of fans speculating on how it will all end. Will Darvey get the ending they deserve after nine long, stressful years? What will happen with the whole Faye Richardson business? Will Samantha get her job back?

Only time will tell, but it doesn’t hurt to make some guesses about the upcoming episodes. Today, we’ll be making some predictions about the seventh episode of Suits‘ ninth season, ‘Scenic Route.’

A Trip to Remember

According to the episode summary, Samantha (Katherine Heigl) and Harvey (Gabriel Macht) will go on a road trip. As we learned in last week’s episode, Sam and Harvey will be trying to locate her biological father in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Sneak peek images of the two in casual clothing suggest that it is a long trip, as they are stopped for gas.

In one of the road trip pictures, Harvey is making a phone call. In another scene, Donna (Sarah Rafferty) is on the phone, and these two photos inevitably lead to Darvey fans freaking out—enlarging the thumbnails and guessing that this episode will be stuffed with Donna and Harvey goodness.

Although no one knows for certain, the photographs provided by USA Network really make it feel that way. Let’s hope they don’t let us down.

The Painting Returns?

Going back to last week’s episode, Suitors experienced a heartfelt scene between Donna and Harvey, where the two shared a good “cry sesh” after talking about Harvey’s guilt. The two look at a photograph of Harvey and his mother, paralleling ‘The Painting’ episode. There was a serious lack of intimacy—somewhat understandable, as the two were at work, but it left Suitors unsatisfied.

Lately, with the development of Darvey, some fans have protested that the couple feels “too domestic, too soon,” and that there have not been enough romantic scenes that stack up against other characters’ relationship scenes. With a new photo provided by USA Network, hopefully ‘Scenic Route’ delivers. It appears that Donna is holding something—a painting?— while talking to Alex (Dulé Hill).

In the beginning of season six, Harvey lost his mother’s painting— his only connection to her. Donna was able to retrieve the photograph of his mother’s painting the work, seen throughout the show in ‘The Painting,’ and most recently in ‘Whatever it Takes.’ Despite that, it seems like Donna has gotten back his painting…or maybe it is something else? One fan thinks it might be a new painting by his mother, symbolizing character growth. Harvey has opened new doors in his life, one for his mother and one for Donna. Maybe it’s a sign?


In any case, I think this episode is sure to impress both the die hard Darvey fan and the casual Suitor.

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