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Martin Scorsese on The Irishman and Marvel “Invading” Cinemas | London Film Festival 2019

by Ben Rolph

Ending off the BFI London Film Festival 2019 was Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman, the closing night gala, attended by Martin Scorsese himself, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Harvey Keitel. A couple of hours prior to it’s glitzy Leicester Square premiere, the BFI London Film Festival held a special press conference with attending guests; Scorsese, De Niro and Pacino.

During the press conference Scorsese spoke on the development of The Irishman, talking about how he and De Niro had discussed on how they could “enrich the stuff we did in the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s” when developing their latest project. Additionally, he spoke on how The Irishman was intended to be different, as “to try and replicate the beginning of our careers wouldn’t be enriching.”

Scorsese at the conference also spoke in regards to working with Netflix and the ever-changing environment of filmmaking, “I don’t think we are just evolving cinema, but it’s a revolution, it’s even bigger of a revolution than what sound brought to cinema”. “What has to be preserved is the singular experience of experiencing a picture, ideally with an audience.”

Continuing on about the controversial topic of his thoughts on Marvel he exclaimed, “That’s a different experience, it’s not cinema, it’s something else and we shouldn’t be invaded by it”. Scorsese went on to say “We need theater owners to step up, to allow theaters to show films that are narrative films, a narrative film could be one long-take for three hours too – it doesn’t have to be a conventional beginning, middle and end.”

Written and video captured by Ben Rolph

THE IRISHMAN premiered at the NYFF 2019 and played at the BFI London Film Festival 2019


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