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BAFTA Preview: Noah Baumbach, Robert Eggers, Céline Sciamma – BAFTA Screenwriters Lectures

by Ben Rolph

2019 marks the tenth year of BAFTA’s annual Screenwriters Lecture Series. Taking place at Curzon Cinemas over the next few months, the Mayfair and Soho locations will be home to the celebration of some of the best screenwriting voices working today. The Screenwriters Lecture Series is a event to focus and celebrate the creative talents of a select group of writers whose contribution to film is significantly notable.

The events taking place in collaboration with BAFTA and Curzon will allow the esteemed screenwriting guests to share insights into their work and experiences over the years. This is a great way for audience members to get insight into their careers and the challenges they have met along the way.


Those attending the Screenwriters Lecture Series this year are Pedro Almodóvar, Céline Sciamma, Noah Baumbach, Robert Eggers, and Bong Joon-ho. Every one of these guests have delivered new and exciting contributions to cinema this year and their participation is bound to inspire and motivate an audience of admirers and upcoming filmmakers.

Pedro Almodóvar is an award-winning director with four BAFTA wins. Pedro Almodóvar is one of the most notable European auteurs of modern times and is one of Spain’s most beloved filmmakers. Twenty-one features in, Almodóvar returned this year with Pain & Glory, a sublime picture of pure cinema. Antonio Banderas stars in Almodóvar’s sincerely intimate and personal film that is sure to go down as one of 2019’s best. Having written all his feature films, Almodóvar has distinguished himself as a screenwriting and film-making talent to be reckoned with.


Céline Sciamma is a critically-acclaimed director of four features. One of the world’s top writer-directors, Sciamma is the highly acclaimed filmmaker behind this year’s Cannes prize-winning film, Portrait of a Lady on Fire. Having won this year’s best screenplay award at Cannes, it seems only perfect to have such a person talk upon their experiences of building towards such a success in screenwriting. Portrait of a Lady on Fire tells the tale of two young women dealing with forbidden desire in the eighteenth century. It is a fantastic display of one of the most sincere romances ever to meet cinema, filled with beauty, elegance, and a contagious touch of intimacy.


Noah Baumbach is an acclaimed writer-director who was nominated for best screenplay at the 2006 Academy Awards for The Squid and the Whale. With eleven feature films and a co-writing partner to Wes Anderson, Baumbach is known for his touch on the everyday. His sharp sense of intimacy and wit is apparent in his latest feature, Marriage Story. With the depth of personal experiences attached to his films, Baumbach is sure to have a vast range of incites into the process of screenwriting.


Robert Eggers, two features into his career has marked himself out as a distinct voice of cinema. Both 2015’s The Witch and 2019’s The Lighthouse boast meticulously detailed and researched screenplays. Blending in aspects of horror to the domestic, Eggers is a writer-director of great intrigue- especially with his desire to use the genre to explore deeper meaningful ideas. Having touched New England and the Maritime, Eggers has marked his place a sort-of Shakespearean presence in cinema. Influenced by literature, films, and poetry- Eggers most definitely has a lot to say when it comes to his approach of screenwriting. It is so drastically different from the conventions of writing.


Bong Joon-ho is another distinctive voice, having both worked in the English language and Korean. His films allow exploration in multiple genres. His latest film is 2019’s Palme d’Or winning feature and also a recent box office success. Parasite is a film not to miss; Joon-ho deals with conventions of genre whilst deepening meaning in form. Since Barking Dogs Never Bite, the writer-director has written all of his projects and is one of most the exciting voices working today.


Curzon Cinemas is a BAFTA award-winning contributor to film, having won Outstanding British Contribution to Cinema in 2017. For over 80 years Curzon has delivered extraordinary experiences of cinema to the British public and continues to do so today.

Tickets for BAFTA Screenwriters Lecture Series are available NOW via Curzon Cinemas

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