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‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ Final Season Episode 8 Review – The Beginning of the End

by Andrew J. Salazar

The penultimate arc of Star Wars: The Clone Wars comes to a close with this week’s episode. Titled Together Again, the eighth entry in the final season has a lot to offer – but is at the mercy of what is to come. The upcoming “Siege of Mandalore” arc has the potential to be a contender for the most monumental of the entire series. Last week’s episode planted the seeds in this journey for Ahsoka Tano; they rightfully sprout here and long time fans will walk away even more hungry for the finale on the horizon. These roots just, unfortunately, rush this episode to a distracting close.

Together Again follows Ahsoka and the Martez sisters as they execute a last-ditch attempt of freedom from the Pyke Syndicate. The only reason why the Pykes have not already killed the trio is because they have much more at stake within their original deal than viewers were lead to believe. A mysterious third party is thus introduced, one that quickly reveals itself to nobody’s surprise. Ahsoka and the sisters finally lay all their secrets on the table. Each of them has played a significant role in this arc; they have nothing else to lose but their lives and dignity so why wait any longer to make the saving day play? Given that the sisters lost their parents at the hands of the Jedi’s ignorance, Ahsoka’s past revealed will ultimately decide the fate of their fellowship.


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The episode directed by Nathaniel Villanueva and written by Dave Filoni and Charles Murray is still packed with plenty of treats for Star Wars fans. One, in particular, being the silly inclusion of an alien race first seen in The Phantom Menace. There are other enjoyable tidbits, especially with a villainous party that makes a comeback to the show. The mysterious reveal is expected, yet still welcomed. It feels bittersweet to see some old faces return, even though fans have been long aware of what is still in store. This same build-up is what might hurt Together Again in the long run.

The second half of the episode moves at a faster pace in order to get to the final moments before the credits. Beats start to speed by and resolution comes before one knows it. However, the implications that the episode implies by the end are promising. Rafa and Trace Martez might just have a more significant place in the overreaching Star Wars canon. Fitting not only because the two have resonated strongly with certain fans, but because their arc in the show felt slightly cut short. They could definitely appear again, whether it be in another series, game, or comic. Viewers could not really foresee where the show was taking the sisters across their arc – thanks to Filoni, Murray, and their fellow collaborators. Outstanding vocal performances from Elizabeth Rodriguez and Brigette Canales should not go criminally unsung either.


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Regardless of some of the episode’s faults, one cannot help but be so engrossed with the visuals on display. The season so far, even at its weakest, has never failed to stun with animation and direction. Together Again is no different and there are a few moments that rise above to entice fans for another watch. In retrospect, this penultimate arc still naturally transitioned to the next. It is quite surprising that not many more viewers had called where this was going.

Many fans might argue that this arc did not lead to much, but such a rash statement ignores the fact that Ahsoka walked out of these episodes a different person than she was before. Necessary growth in her journey post-Jedi Order and could possibly be game-changing with her going into the series finale. It would have been a great shame if the show did not attempt to give the character something new and unpredictable to deal with before heading to an ending that fans already know of. Although given how these last few episodes played out, Filoni and company may indeed still have a few more surprises in store.


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