Krypton Season 2 ‘Will To Power’ Recap & Review

Tensions grow between Zod and the Wegthor rebels, Seg-El and Adam Strange take the fight to Brainiac on his home playing field, Dev-Em reappears as a soldier gone rogue, the long lost lover of Nyssa-Vex returns to the fold, and thankfully Doomsday is nowhere to be found. Lobo also shoots himself in the face. Krypton’s … Continue reading Krypton Season 2 ‘Will To Power’ Recap & Review

‘Krypton’ Season 2 Premiere Recap & Review

After General Zod took over Kandor with Seg-El and Brainiac confined to the Phantom Zone in the finale of Krypton’s first season, it was a wonder to find out just how this unprecedented Superman prequel would continue from there. The season two premiere picks up six months after the events of last year’s finale. The … Continue reading ‘Krypton’ Season 2 Premiere Recap & Review


Coming week will see the release of perhaps the most anticipated comic book film since Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Ten years of interacting and interweaving stories that have featured some of the best talents the industry has to offer, come to an epic conclusion; Avengers: Infinity Wars. The lead up to this film … Continue reading STILL TO COME

Action Comics 1000: Review

Wow. Just wow. Setting aside the extreme nostalgia that comes with reading Action Comics 1000, it is the cliff-hanger ending Brian Michael Bendis leaves us with that has the excitement peaked! Artist Dan Jurgens kicks us off with some truly glorious Superman artwork. Dan’s illustration work is brilliant and iconic, transcending the reader back to … Continue reading Action Comics 1000: Review


This week will see the release of the highly anticipated and a first in the industry event, number 1000 comic book; Action Comics 1000. The comic that started it all for the superhero genre. The introduction of the iconic and hero for all heroes, Superman! The legendary Man of Steel, created by Jerry Siegel and … Continue reading ACTION COMICS 1000