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Does Marvel Pay Off Critics?

by Jacob Fisher

Well the simple answer is no, but let’s get into the details about it.
There are hundreds of critics now in the world that a lot of mainstream audiences rely on to give us their honest opinion about a new movie in order for them to know if they should waste their time watching it or not.
Wouldn’t you think that in a world where 346 critics reviewed Batman V Superman on Rotten Tomatoes that out of the approximately 254 critics that gave BvS a bad review on Rotten Tomatoes, one would come out and say they were paid off or offered. Companies cannot run the risk of that getting out to the public of them paying critics to give their competitors bad reviews, their reputation would be ruined, both critics and the company involved.
But if Marvel did pay critics off to hate on a DC movie, how would it benefit them? It wouldn’t benefit them, that’s the simple fact. Marvel would not gain any further profit from it and would just lose money from paying off critics however…
There are many drawbacks if Marvel was to pay critics off to hate on a DC movie. 
Firstly, one would definitely have to say superhero fatigue, if many mainstream audiences heard about and/or see too many bad and unenjoyable comic book movies, they’ll eventually stop going to see them, this eventually leads to a loss in profit for MCU movies and other comic book movies as people will be having superhero fatigue.
Secondly, if DC movies did better, it could encourage more mainstream audiences to see MCU movies leading to greater profit for the MCU. Don’t believe me? Well movies such as Batman Begins and Spider-Man being such good comic book movies led to Iron Man getting a lot of attention thus earning approximately 800mil and The Dark Knight became the first comic book movie to cross the 1bil mark because of the comic book movie hype from Spider-Man and especially Iron Man and Batman Begins.

Overall, I really shouldn’t have to make this article but I feel I need to address it as paying off critics to hate on other CBMs just leads to a decrease in profit and superhero fatigue for all CBMs.

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