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by Courtney Le


Jacob Fisher
Editor-in-Chief and Co-owner@JacobDFilm
While he undertakes the responsibility of managing the company, Jacob handles the publicity department and shares exclusive reports regarding the insider information he learns. In his free time, you can usually find him watching or talking about Wallace & Gromit.

Andrew Salazar
Managing Editor and Co-owner @AndrewJ626
Andrew is a Los Angeles-based editor and critic who does his most to keep DiscussingFilm moving on a daily basis as its managing editor. He tries his best to stay out of arguments, but will absolutely step in to defend Lilo & Stitch when necessary. Despite graduating with a film degree, Andrew has given himself the official title of Lore Keeper.

Creative Department

Ariel Kras
Editor@AriRELK / R_E_L_K
Hailing from Canada, Ari is an editor and writer for DiscussingFilm, specializing in comic books, anime, and manga. He has been a member of the team since the founding of the website in 2016. Along with his knowledge of comics history, Ariel is also interested in ancient mythology as well as various other types of myths, legends, and lore.

Yasmine “Yas” Kandil
Editor and Senior Film Critic @filmwithyas / ykandil
Yasmine has been at DiscussingFilm since March 2019. She’s a writer on the team and mainly focuses on interviews with fantastic filmmakers as well as reviews on the latest releases. She’s currently a student at Bournemouth Film School in England specializing in directing, producing, and screenwriting. She loves everything to do with pop culture and awards season!

Joe Aranda
Content Strategist and Video Editor @JoeySpielberg / JoeySpielberg
Joe is a self-proclaimed “Adobe Athlete,” meaning he uses his skill and talent with Adobe software to design original graphics and video for DiscussingFilm. When he’s not honing his craft, he’s either at the cinema, laying back in a reclining chair (sipping on the finest lemon water around), or being completely biased about his hometown team when arguing about sports.

A. Felicia Wade
Social Media Coordinator and Writer @becomingfelicia / feliciafilms
Felicia considers herself a jack of all trades. She’s a writer, social media maven, stylist, podcaster, and above all film lover. She’s a huge advocate for inclusivity and it’s what’s brought her here. You can catch her many opinions here on Discussing Film or enjoy the photos she shares on our Instagram.

Chris St. Lawrence
Designer and Video Editor@ey2studios / ey2studios
As one of the video editors at DiscussingFilm, Chris uses skills developed throughout his filmmaking career across numerous YouTube channels, posting LEGO animations, short films, and other movie-related content for online audiences, to bring the latest in entertainment news to your screen. He is also a dedicated writer at DiscussingFilm contributing insightful pieces to the site — from analyses, reviews, to interviews. Chris is currently pursuing a degree in Film & Television Production at New York University, furthering his knowledge of and passion for storytelling.

Frequent Writers

Nicolás Delgadillo
Senior Film Critic @NickyD715 / nickjd
Discussing Film was one of the very first places Nicolás’ writing was ever published, and it’s continued to feel like a good fit. He’s now a Senior Film Critic, and considers it an honor to review movies and interview filmmakers he admires. He believes that critical analysis of the things we love can help us appreciate them more and learn how to improve them. He currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. More movies should have metal soundtracks.

Frankie Gilmore
Writer @yahboyantman / yahboyscott
Frankie is the friendly neighborhood Ant-Man fan and sometimes a film critic. He reviews new releases, interviews cool folks, and sometimes makes op-eds about Chicken Little amongst other things. To him, film is our greatest artform and it means something different to each and every person— which is what makes discussing it so fun!

Eric Thomas
Writer @agentzetabeam / legionlantern
Eric is a writer, reviewer, and interviewer for DiscussingFilm. A born and raised Canadian, he specializes in his interests, which include comic books, manga, and anime. Eric also dabbles in film, television, and video games. He’s been a proud member of the team since 2019. Also a practicing journalist, Eric’s always had a passion for writing stories of many forms, as evidenced by the amount of reading material that weighs down his shelves.

Jeremiah Monaghan
Writer@thespeedforces / JMOfficial
Jeremiah is a writer that focuses on TV reviews and comic book-related pieces. When he’s not working hard as a student, he loves studying different histories of mediums such as film, literature, music, and video games. He’s also incredibly interested in the evolution of those art forms from creation to modern day. He loves DiscussingFilm and can’t wait to see where it takes him next.

Beatrine “Bean” Shahzad
Writer @beyabean / beyabean
Writing for DiscussingFilm since 2020, Bean likes to cover her bases. Her interests range from watching movies and television to reading comics or novels to listening to musicals. With a background in engineering and a love for speculative fiction, she could be classified as a nerd but also has affections beyond the label. Unfortunately drawn to anything campy or unconventional, she tries not to let her affinity for the terrible color her work. Her writing on the site consists of op-eds (which she is particularly fond of crafting) as well as reviews and, from time to time, interviews.