Meet the Team

Jacob Fisher
Editor-in-Chief and Co-founder
Jacob is the Editor-in-Chief who co-founded DiscussingFilm in September 2016. He enjoys writing exclusive stories regarding the interesting information he comes across, and enjoys sharing the news with readers to see their opinions. Outside of DiscussingFilm, Jacob loves to talk about all things relating to Star Wars whilst attempting to make unfunny jokes on Twitter. Follow him here: @CinematicBanter

Elijah “Cap”
As a co-founder of DiscussingFilm, Elijah, better known as “Cap,” has been working at DiscussingFilm since the very start. A fan of many things- comics, cartoons, movies, books, gaming- he is always happy to talk about anything and everything. Follow him here: @CaptainGalxy

Ari Kras
Head Editor
Ari is an editor at DiscussingFilm, in charge of the comic side of things. He also writes articles for the site. He’s a huge fan of Marvel, particularly their less popular characters, but loves DC comics as well. Follow him here: @AKARELK

Ben Rolph
Head Editor and Critic
Despite being head editor, Ben loves to review films, ranging from indies to blockbusters, at DiscussingFilm. He loves musicals, horror, and indies among a broad range of other genres. His taste is wide ranging, shown by his favourites of 2018; Suspiria, Leave No Trace, and Mary Poppins Returns. In his spare time, Ben’s watching DC TV shows and going on about Melissa Benoist, Chris Wood, and Grant Gustin. Follow him here: @thedctvshow

Yasmine Kandil
Yasmine began writing at Discussing Film in March of 2019. She is a filmmaker herself, loving both film and cinematic television. She loves all things pop culture, especially Marvel, and cannot wait to continue writing articles and help build the DF community. Follow her here: @byebyebucky

Courtney L.
Writer and Webmaster
At DiscussingFilm, Courtney reviews television shows, like Pearson, and manages the website. She loves comedies and crime procedural shows, and has been told she has “dad taste” in TV. When Courtney is not babbling on about the marvels of television, she’s drawing and screaming about life on Twitter. Follow her here: @nidavellir_

Mima M.
As DiscussingFilm’s resident features writer, Mima focuses on the momentous changes in the entertainment industry and how pop culture intersects with the most pressing social justice issues of our time. She’s a sucker for superhero movies, and cries at basically everything on screen. You can always, always find her at the movies. Follow her here: @ironmima

Jeremiah Monaghan
Jeremiah mainly reviews television shows, such as Swamp Thing and The Flash, with the occasional comic book article at DiscussingFilm. He is a huge fan of all things superheroes (both DC and Marvel): comics, movies, and TV shows. When Jeremiah isn’t sharing his love of all things nerdy with the world, he is writing stories and getting hyped for almost anything. Follow him here: @marvelssmosh

Eric Thomas
A man with a passion for writing, Eric tries to write whenever he can about whatever. Here at DiscussingFilm, Eric writes think pieces and reviews media, such as TV shows and comic books. He is working to get his journalism degree at College of the North Atlantic. He has a passion for comics and science-fiction, and is often compared to the popular extraterrestrial. Follow him here: @MrBolty