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DiscussingFilm Critic Awards

by Andrew J. Salazar
The official logo for the 3rd Annual DiscussingFilm Critic Awards (DFCA).

About the DF Critic Awards

The DiscussingFilm Critic Awards (DFCA) is an annual event run by DiscussingFilm, one of the largest online entertainment outlets, that celebrates the most noteworthy films of the year as voted by a diverse range of highly established film critics, awards pundits, and influential voices from around the globe.

DFCA members include journalists from notable outlets including The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Empire, The Wrap, Little White Lies, The Independent, and more. The first two ceremonies garnered thousands of online interactions. Now moving into the 4th annual event, the DFCA consists of over 50 members and is expected to make an even deeper impact on the awards season landscape.

The winners of the 4th Annual DiscussingFilm Critic Awards will be announced on January 4, 2023. DCFA members must submit their nomination ballots by December 4, 2022. The finalized nominations will be announced on December 7 and members will have until December 30 to vote on the ultimate winners.

How to Apply

Applications to join the DFCA are currently closed and will re-open in the near future. Questions and inquiries can be directed to Chairman and resident Senior Film Critic Ben Rolph, as well as to Vice Chair and resident Awards Editor Diego Andaluz. Their socials and emails can be found below.

Primary Contacts

Chairman Ben Rolph
Socials: @TheDCTVshow
Email: bennruk@gmail.com

Vice Chairman Diego Andaluz
Socials: @thediegoandaluz
Email: diego.andaluz@outlook.com

Important Dates

December 3 – Deadline for members to turn in nomination ballots
December 7 – Official nominations announced
December 30 – Deadline for members to turn in final voting ballots
January 4 – Official winners announced

Past DF Critic Awards

1st Annual Award Winners (2019 -2020 season)
2nd Annual Award Winners (2020-2021 season)
3rd Annual Award Winners (2021-2022 season)