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Is the Black Adam Film A Good Idea?


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It has been announced that Dwayne Johnson will star in a Black Adam film before the release of the Shazam film. This film will be made by New Line Cinema and not distract from Warner Bros. other DCEU projects.

This film will star Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam/ Teth-Adam, an ancient Egyptian, who is son of a pharaoh/ slave depending on, is granted powers by the wizard Shazam.  Black Adam was Egypt’s champion for centuries, but was corrupted by a mysterious enemy and power.  Black Adam is then sealed in an artifact after Adam tries to kill the pharaoh and take over Egypt for himself. He is then found later in by archaeologists.

A slave to superhero to tyrant, in a biopic style, showing Black Adam’s whole life, until ,he is sealed by the Wizard Shazam. A superhero biopic and especially a period piece in ancient Egypt would be really refreshing.

The DCEU films have shown several types of mythology. BvS and Justice League are both modern American mythology and fantasy films as many people have outlined before, and that deserves an article on itself, as several have already written about the Justice League being modern American fantasy. Wonder Woman seems to be exploring Greek mythology as well with Zeus and Ares being confirmed to be in the film.

We have seen a lack of films exploring ancient Egypt and it’s mythology with the only recent example being Gods of Egypt. This gives the DCEU another fantasy area to explore. Also, when DC fans think of ancient Egypt, they think Hawkman and Hawkgirl. Could they appear? Quite possibly as DCEU likes to put many characters

This sounds interesting, and my only concern is Johnson’s ability to pull off the role. Then again, most of the DCEU casting has been great.

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