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The Perfect Harry Potter Spin-Off: @K11ForPresident

by Jacob Fisher

Quick briefer before you carry on your read, this article is made by one of our Co-Editor -In-Chief’s, @K11ForPresident, forgive the spelling mistakes sometimes as he is in fact Norwegian. Anyhow enjoy the article and remember:

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Today i will pitch my perfect harry potter spin off. It’s a movie I think will make the harry potter universe way better. It will explain huge plot holes and stuff like that.

What does this movie bring to the universe?

Well one of the biggest questions in the harry potter movies is why didn’t the wizard help in world war 2. The answer always was Grindelwald. But really? Surely one wizard can’t be that big of hassle, one wizard stopping the hole of the wizard community helping in world war 2 a little bit right, really? But what if that’s not the case. what if the wizard helped in world war 2, maybe if they didn’t help things could have gone worse for humanity? Maybe Hitler would have won or 90% of humanity gone. So, the purpose of this movie is basically explaining what the wizards did in world war 2.

What is the plot?

The plot is this, Five wizards are tired of what is happening around the word (word war 2) they beg the council of wizards that they can help the humans. But the council won’t listen as they believe they shouldn’t interfere with humanity. Seven wizards decide enough is enough, they go rough and ends up helping humanity and fight in this huge battle. They end up finding out that the Nazis have had help from one powerful wizard.

What changes must be made from the real-world history?

Ok for the sake of the movie I must change the final days of world war 2. World war 2 happened exactly like it did in real life except the final days of it. that’s the only thing I will change from real life.

I don’t want this to turn into a history lesson but just in case someone doesn’t know this in the final days of world war 2 Hitler killed himself during the `Battle of Belgium` and the Nazis surrendered one week later. There is more stuff that happened but again this is not a history lesson so I won’t go into that. The only thing I will change is that the final days did not happened like they did in real life. But the humans will have their memory whipped and replaced with what happened in real life. Also Grindelwald helps Hitler in this movie

I would like to say this again that I should change the final days of the war for the sake of the movie but hey this is fantasy after all.


There are a team of rogue wizards. The antagonist of this movie is a female let say she kind of has the Jyn role of the team. the most important thing to a team (for entertainment) is that everyone is unique and different. Wizard who had high ranking roles during that time will appear. there are also a few important human characters most of them being from the allies. And there is of course Hitler. Grindelwald is in it, maybe Dumbledore.

What are the connections to Fantastic Beast?

there has only been 1 movie of the supposed to be 5 movie series so it’s hard for me to explain what the connections can be. So I can’t answer this one to be honest

What type of movie is this?

War movie except also fantasy at the same time. Basically a harry potter version of a war movie.


The ending of this movie will be the rogue team of wizards stopping Hitler from making his plane happened. They find out about Grindelwald helping him halfway through. Try to tell the council but there isn’t much time so they got to fight it alone with the allies. After they succeed Grindelwald comes in and kills the last surviving members of the team. Gets one of the deathly hallows. Doesn’t kill the humans whoever. After the council finds out they send wizard there to whip the memories of the humans and changes it to what happened in real life.

This movie happens right before the final fantastic beast movie so the ending would tie into that.

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