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Hidden Gems: Emo: The Muscial


With all the mainstream films coming out, it can be hard to find movies or TV which aren’t made by the big companies. They are still out there and some of them are great, I aim to find these hidden gems and review them to give these movies and TV much needed exposure.

The film I will be reviewing today is


With a title like Emo: The musical you expect something great to live up to your expectations. It lives up to those expectations.

What’s the plot of the film? It’s a romeo and Juliet style love story based around an atheist and an christian.  Now don’t worry about it being too centred on religion and trying to get people to be religious. It is not that type of film. The films shows that Christians and Athesits are like each other in unexpected ways.

One of the main qualities of Musicals are the songs. All the songs here serve a purpose to move the story along and they are all good songs, something which some musicals struggle to balance properly. All the songs are real earworms and will get stuck in your head for days. Each character gets enough songs to explain their motives and why they are the way they are.

This film also a good job of showing the effects of peer pressure for teens. Not to spoil it but they go and show how far someone might go because of peer pressure. It also raises questions and discussion about how schools could help those affected. Any film that could get people talking about a topic that might not be well known to the general public in a creative way wins in my book.

The comedy is great. This is an australian film and the austraillains have a cracking sense of humor. The humor gets dark in places but that’s to be expected in a movie called Emo:The muscial.

With a resurgence of Musicals in the mainstream films, this is another one to watch that addresses serious problems in a fun and unique way, with great young actors and catchy tunes. If you were a former emo (or still are) this is one to watch.

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