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New Character Descriptions & Details on Andy Serkis’ ‘MOWGLI’ (EXCLUSIVE)

by Jacob Fisher

With Jon Favreau and Disney’s ‘THE JUNGLE BOOK’ being the large success that it was, it was no doubt that audiences were excited to see what Andy Serkis will do with his interpretation on the characters and we at DiscussingFilm have some new details on the film.

We have eliminated any spoilery information because from the information given to us by our sources regarding Mowgli, you will not want to miss this film, it will be a treat, especially for fans of the original Kipling text for The Jungle Book, all sources that we at DiscussingFilm have talked to regarding Mowgli have said very positive words about the film.

BALOO (ANDY SERKIS): A huge, black, grimy sloth bear and occasionally has flies buzzing around him, he will serve as a trainer to the young wolves and Mowgli, in this interpretation, he is very stern and no-nonsense.


BHOOT (LOUIS ASHBOURNE SERKIS): Bhoot is an albino wolf and the runt of the pack, he and the other young wolves bully Mowgli for being different from the rest of the pack.


KAA (CATE BLANCHETT): A giant python with a very lime green color. She helps save Mowgli from the monkeys and shows Mowgli visions of the dangers present to the jungle, Kaa does not have a large role in the film.


SHERE KHAN (BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH): A large tiger with a broken front-right foot and ruffled fur, regularly kills cattle from the neighboring village, breaking a longstanding rule of the jungle. Shere Khan is usually accompanied by the devious Tabaqui (Tom Hollander) who is a hyena with flies swarming around him at all times unlike a jackal as depicted in the original book.


LOCKWOOD (Matthew Rhys): The hunter that the neighbouring village hires to kill Shere Khan after his repeated attacks on the village. He collects different things from animals and stores them in glass jars, he takes a tusk from a elephant that helps Mowgli at one point.


That is pretty much all I can discuss without delving into spoiler territory, I will add that the film begins with a flashback sequence so make of that as you will. As for the tone of the film, Andy Serkis presents a film that is not for children. It is really dark, violent, and bloody. It uses its tone to definitely separate itself from the Disney films as it’s own unique interpretation. The designs are hyper realistic, some of the animals have human eyes which allows more expression from the actors performances to come even more to life, oh and Mowgli is very fond of raw meat and has Tarzan-esque hair

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