David Oyelowo & Oprah Winfrey Signed On To Star & Produce ‘The Water Man’ – Currently Searching For Lead Role (EXCLUSIVE)

Back in 2015 Deadline reported that David Oyelowo and Oprah Winfrey were in talks to produce and star in ‘The Water Man’, we can now confirm that they have officially signed on to star and produce with Carla Gardini, Shivani Rawat and Monica Levinson also set to produce and Maresa Pullman set to executive produce. Carlos Saldanha is set to direct the film with the screenplay written by Emma Needell.

Casting Director Aisha Coley is currently looking for the following for the lead role in the upcoming Disney film:


Male. 9-12 years old. AFRICAN AMERICAN OR MIXED RACE. An only child always lost in his imagination. He has a close knit fiercely loyal relationship with his mom, but at times his connection with his father is tumultuous and strained. He’s a creative old soul, working on writing a graphic “ghost” detective novel. A go-getter. When Gunner discovers his mother is sick, Gunner begins researching, with strong determination, every possible way to help his mother fight to get well. Gunner sets out into the woods to find the secret to longevity in hopes he can find the answer to healing his mom. LEAD

The film is set to begin filming in early 2019 in North Carolina however according to my sources it is possible that production is bumped forward to late 2018.

Disney provided no comment regarding this story.


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