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More Classic Transformers Set To Appear in ‘Bumblebee’ (EXCLUSIVE)

by Jacob Fisher

Weeks ago at San Diego Comic-Con, ‘Bumblebee’ director Travis Knight confirmed that Cybertron will be featured in the film. The homeworld of the Transformers has been seen in previous films in the franchise, but never like this. We can confirm that the film will open on Cybertron and will be briefly visited later again. Fans of Transformer’s “Generation 1” will be pleased for the film will showcase many iconic autobots and decepticons- all which sport designs identical to their 1980s cartoon counterparts.

Yes, Bumblebee will represent G1 very well with the film being set in 1986. The transformers on Cybertron will not only look the way they did in the 80s but will also be seen transforming into stylish cybertronian vehicles.


Cybertronian decepticon jets seen in the classic animated series

This, of course, contradicts the lore established in the first film directed by Michael Bay. Here we see all the autobots share the simple gray proto design from Cybertron before they scan earth vehicles and gain their features. This is not the case in ‘Bumblebee’.


Optimus’ protoform from Transformers (2007)

The film still establishes itself as a part of the Michael Bay timeline for the top-secret government organization “Sector 7” plays a huge role in the story. This group is referenced in multiple previous films.

So, what iconic transformers can you expect to see in ‘Bumblebee’? Fans will have a fun time scanning the battlefields on Cybertron for many instantly recognizable characters. Three that stand out in the film are Soundwave, Shockwave, and Cliffjumper. Note that these are only brief cameos and most of them are not speaking roles. Blitzwing, Dropkick, and Shatter are the only decepticon key players in the film. Optimus Prime (once again voiced by Peter Cullen) has a role larger than a brief cameo, but do not expect to see him engage in any action on earth. One should expect his classic 80s design to look just as good as they imagined it to be.


Soundwave and Shockwave in the classic animated series

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