Harry Tarre’s ‘CAPTIAN INFINITY’ Rumoured To Be In Active Development, Robert Zemeckis & Ryan Gosling Set To Produce. (EXCLUSIVE)

Back at the end of 2016, ‘Captain Infinity’, a screenplay by Harry Tarre was added to The Black List’s scripts. The story for the screenplay goes as follows:

“When his comic book obsessed five-year-old brother is diagnosed with cancer, Oscar Ruiz attempts to shield him from the truth by convincing him that his “treatment” is all part of a top secret program to become a superhero.”

Now according to our sources, the project is rumoured to be in active development for feature film of the screenplay. If true, (this information has not yet been confirmed by any representatives so take this information with a small grain of salt) the film will shoot in Los Angeles (potentially in 2019 if I was to hazard a guess). The film is also set to be produced by Robert Zemeckis, Ryan Gosling and Ken Kao although the film most likely will not be directed by Robert Zemeckis, it is likely we could see Ryan Gosling star in the film.

More to come on this story soon…


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