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New Lead Character Breakdown for ‘Space Jam 2’ Reveals More Plot Details

by Jacob Fisher

‘Space Jam 2’ is on the horizon with production currently eyed to begin on June 17th in California with Terence Nance set to direct and Ryan Coogler set to produce the film. LeBron James is set to star in this sequel of ‘Space Jam’.

We at DiscussingFilm have learned of a new character breakdown for a lead character that will play LeBron James’ second child. Not only does this character sound quite interesting but this breakdown also reveals some intriguing plot details regarding the upcoming anticipated sequel.

Dom: 11-14 years old, African American, male or female.

Athletic and bright, Dom is LeBron’s second child. Like LeBron, Dom is a young basketball star in the making but is more interested in just being a kid and playing ball for fun. Dom has a special knack for video games and is desperate to connect with Dad on other things besides Basketball but struggling to find any common ground. Dom has a defiant streak that she/he mostly suppresses, still it’s there in the subtext of all their interactions with their father. With the help of the Looney Tunes, Dom and LeBron learn to foster a deeper personal relationship outside of and through their mutual love of the game. MUST HAVE EXCEPTIONAL BASKETBALL SKILLS.

This breakdown definitely informs us of some of the basic story details for LeBron James and his second child in this film, whilst also hinting at how the iconic Looney Tunes characters will factor into the film. It’s also interesting to note that the casting is open to any gender with the name Dom being most likely a placeholder.

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