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Cold Pursuit review – A Hilarious Genre-Breaking Thriller

by Ben Rolph

Liam Neeson has got a little tiring recently, constantly playing the same character over and over. The Commuter was underwhelming, but it must be said I have a love for the Taken franchise and I’ll watch anything he is in. Going into Cold Pursuit I had no idea what to expect as the marketing was strangely weird.


Cold Pursuit takes a long hard look at those Liam Neeson films are shoots it right in the face, literally. The film is a refreshing new take on the Neeson-revenge rodeos, it’s a deliciously dark and hilarious ride. By the time of the first death, the visual comedy kicks in with hilariously timed title cards as Neeson searches for revenge for the death of his son.

It’s a remake of the director’s In Order of Disappearance film, set in the snowy town of Kehoe, Colorado. We follow Nels Coxman (Liam Neeson) a snow plower and a father. His son gets caught up in a kidnapping which was made to look like a drug overdose, once he  gets word his son has been murdered he begins taking out the cartel’s dealers, searching for the boss Viking (Tom Bateman).


However small the weakness’ with the film are, it is still a weakness. That weakness is the unnecessary use of Laura Dern who literally ups and leaves for no reason, like at all. She does nothing. I have no idea why she accepted such a small insignificant role?

It takes a little while to settle into the twisted revenge tale, don’t go in thinking this is your typical Liam Neeson Taken-like film. It’s something more. Playing with the absurd premise of a father hunting for revenge, it capitalises on the silly fantasy of a everyday man murdering people and chucking them into rivers with chicken wire. It never holds back in finding humour in the ridiculous carnage present, finding a nice balance of violence and comedy.


Cold Pursuit offers a new twist on the Liam Neeson revenge thrillers, that is a joyful ride through the rather ridiculous schemes which finds a nice balance with its tongue and cheek nature.

3.5/5 Stars

Ben Rolph




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