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Eli Roth Set To Direct ‘Thanksgiving’ for Miramax (EXCLUSIVE)

by Jacob Fisher

In 2007, Eli Roth released a faux trailer during Grindhouse for a slasher film set during Thanksgiving. Since then, fans have been demanding that a full feature film should be put into development.

Recently it has been reported that Eli Roth is set to direct an untitled horror film in March in Massachusetts with co-writer Jeff Rendell. Obviously fans came to the conclusion that this could be the feature film adaption of his Grindhouse trailer Thanksgiving and now we have been informed by multiple sources that this is in fact the case.

Although filming may be happening later in the year since they are currently casting, we can confirm that the untitled horror movie Eli Roth is developing this year is Thanksgiving for Miramax. Hopefully, this is very good news for horror fans as the trailer has been highly praised and long in demand for a feature film adaption.

Thanksgiving follows the town of Plymouth, Massachusetts, in the fourth Thursday of November, the most celebrated day of the year. But an uninvited guest has arrived, and this year, there will be no leftovers.

Watch the original spoof trailer below.

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