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Top 10 Moments To Look Forward To Watch In Avengers: Endgame

by Yasmine Kandil

With just under a week until the highly anticipated blockbuster Avengers: Endgame, fans are expecting to see powerful character driven moments. With many reunions due to take place as well as incredible action sequences, this film is sure to provide audiences with multiple memorable moments. In these final days, we at Discussing Film have compiled our 10 most anticipated moments (in no particular order) based on trailer and TV spots that we can’t wait to see up on the big screen next week. Feel free to share your most anticipated Endgame moments with us on our twitter (@DiscussingFilm).

1. Tony and Nebula’s arrival to Earth

This clip is what we think to be some of the remaining Avengers watching Tony and Nebula returning to earth on the Benatar. When this clip of Steve, Bruce, Natasha and Rhodey was released in the second trailer for Endgame, there was a lot of speculation that a character had been taken out of the shot with CGI. We have now seen additional shots in TV spots of Tony embracing Pepper and Carol using her powers in this same setting, so it is safe to assume that either one or both of these character will appear in this shot to welcome Tony and Nebula.

2. Steve and Tony becoming allies again

In the special look trailer, we saw Steve and Tony have their first reunion as allies since their split following the events of Captain America: Civil War (2016). In the clip Tony says ‘Do you trust me?’ and Steve replies with ‘I do’, proving that these characters are overcoming their differences in the wake of the biggest stakes they have ever had to face. There has been speculation based on set photos that this scene will take place when the Avengers time travel back to The Battle of New York, and Cap’s suit has been altered with CGI so that his classic red, white and blue suit doesn’t give away the time travel plot. We are so excited to see the two lead Avengers fight alongside each other, especially if this is to be the last time they do.

3. Rocket and Nebula sharing an emotional moment

In Avengers: Infinity War (2018), The Guardians of The Galaxy were split up into different locations. Rocket ended up being the only Guardian survivor on earth whilst Nebula was the only one on Titan. Therefore, Nebula knows that Gamora had been sacrificed and the rest of the Guardians had fallen victim to the snap. However, Rocket is only aware that Groot dusted away in the snap. This is likely to be the moment that Nebula shares the news that the rest of the Guardians are gone. It was said in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017) that this group of unlikely heroes felt like a family to each other, so this will have a clear impact on Rocket. In previous movies, it is arguable that Rocket and Nebula have been the least emotional of all the characters, so for Rocket to reach out and hold Nebula’s hand in this scene is a clear sign that both characters are experiencing some level of emotional vulnerability in this film.

4. The reveal of Ronin

We now know that Clint will take on the mantle of Ronin for some part of the movie after much speculation from set photos. The scene is which he is reunited with his long time friend Natasha is set in a vibrant Asian country, assumed to be Japan. It is likely that in this scene we will discover his motives behind becoming Ronin, which we think to be his family falling victim to the snap.

5. Carol’s dynamic with The Avengers

Carol is the latest to join the constantly expanding Avengers team. We know from the post credit scene in Captain Marvel (2019) that Carol will be joining forces with the remaining Avengers early on in the film. It will be interesting to see how she interacts with other characters, to learn a bit more about what she has been up to in the past two decades and to see how back in action with her powers that derived from the tesseract.

6. Seeing Thanos on his retirement planet and finding out what he has been using the stones for

In the opening of the clip shown on Good Morning America, Natasha says ‘He used the stones again’ and in a recently released TV spot we see the image above which is a wide shot of the same scene. Here we can see Thanos’s retirement planet with a green vortex slowly spreading. Through the colour connotation of green we can assume Thanos is using the time stone here, but for what? Could he be using the time stone to resurrect the black order or restore his planet? This is evidence that the stones are still active and therefore Thanos remains the most powerful being in the universe, keeping the stakes high.

7. Rocket and Captain Marvel taking some of the Avengers to space

Captain Marvel, Rocket and Thor are characters we are use to seeing in space, however, Rhodey, Natasha, Captain America and Hawkeye are not. It will be fun to see their reactions to space and other planets they may visit. In this scene they could be going to space for a rushed initial battle with Thanos, making for another incredible battle like the one on Titan in Infinity War (2018).

8. Seeing Tony and Nebula work together to fix the Benatar

This scene comes across very reminiscent of Tony constructing his first suit whilst being held hostage in Iron Man (2008). This serves as a reminder of Tony’s capacity when it comes to being an inventor. It also looks as though Nebula could be taking a part out of her own hand to assist Tony in fixing the Benatar so that they can return to earth.

9. Hawkeye and potentially other Avengers battling some remaining outriders

In a trailer we see Hawkeye running from an explosion, but in a 3D version we can see that there are what we assume to be outriders in the same frame. The last we knew, there were no outriders left in Wakanda as after Thor’s arrival they stopped attacking. It is possible that this fight scene could be taking place on Thanos’s ship if we assume that there are no outriders left on earth.

10. The Battle against Thanos with the original Avengers

This film will be the first time that we will see Tony, Steve and Thor all battle alongside each other since Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015). Many people have speculated that this scene will take place in the ruins of the Avengers HQ. It could be the final battle that our original Avengers all face together. If this is the case, it will be the end of at least a few character arcs and for the Avengers team that started it all. This battle may well be the emotional climax of the entire film.

Avengers: Endgame releases in cinemas everywhere on April 26th.

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