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Why Boss Nass Is The True Evil Mastermind Of Star Wars

by Jacob Fisher

You people really think Emperor Palpatine is the real villain of this saga? WRONG. Palpatine was one of the many ploys in a long game played by the true mastermind of evil, Boss Nass. How do I know this? Because like every other Star Wars fan, I’ve read every single page of Wookiepedia and have already watched ‘The Phantom Meance’ 15 times on May the 4th this year.

For those who don’t know who Boss Nass is, here is the first paragraph of the Wookiepedia page for him, please also give a view on the Wookiepedia page for Boss Nass because this silent guardian that does descriptions for every SINGLE character in Star Wars deserves our praise.

“Rugor Nass was a Gungan male who served as the Boss of the Gungan people during the Trade Federation’s invasion of Naboo. Nass governed the Gungans from the city of Otoh Gunga within Naboo’s oceans, keeping a close eye on Gungan affairs and, for a time, ensuring that the Gungans and the humanpopulation of Naboo did not interact. He initially refused to help the Naboo during the invasion, rejecting Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn and Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi when they requested it, but ultimately had a change of heart when QueenPadmé Amidala knelt and pleaded her case before him in behalf of the Naboo and the Gungans, promising that administration the planet’s affairs would be shared between the two races from that time forth. After the Battle of Naboo, in which the Naboo and the Gungans were victorious over the Federation, Nass joined Queen Amidala in peace. Nass’ tenure as Boss ended sometime before or during the Clone Wars, and he attended Amidala’s funeral after her death at the end of the war.”

Our first piece of evidence that proves that Boss Nass is the evil mastermind of the Skywalker saga is because he is a dirty LIAR. He claims his name is “Boss Nass” but per Wookiepedia, his true identity is Rugor Nass! This shows how he has already established himself as a liar, and lied easily to Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn and Jedi Padwan Obi-Wan Kenobi, he could easily have lied before in his life, and as future evidence will show, he lied and manipulated others in his life in the future.

Also I should add before going forward that I REFUSE to refer to Boss Nass as “Rugor”, it’s more difficult to spell out.

Also it doesn’t rhyme.

Our second piece of evidence is that Boss Nass refused to help Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon when they first asked the Boss for help. Why would he refuse to help the Jedi? Because despite what this so-called “director George Lucas” would have you believe, Boss Nass commissied the Trade Federation to attack Naboo under the guise of Palpatine. Boss Nass did this because of what the Naboo citizens did to him and his Gungan friends, he hated having to live in the dumb CGI bubbles, its hard for the mail man to deliver mail down there, plus all of the those damn Naboo citizens were polluting the water. So now I know you are asking, why did he end up agreeing to aid the Jedi? That’s because he was able to tap in and see the future because he is a self-proclaimed Sith Lord, he stores the midichlorians in his massive chin, that’s how powerful he is, chin Force powers. When looking into the future, he realised that he would die if he let the Trade Federation continue their attack, thus the events of ‘The Phantom Meance’ take place.

As for Jar Jar, he was a poor ploy by Boss Nass to put Palpatine into power, he knew Jar Jar would be the only way that Palpatine would be granted emergency power and he knew that Palpatine had a similar plan to his own. Boss Nass is just that smart.

He had to keep tabs on what was happening personally during ‘Attack of the Clones’ so he disguised himself as the one and only Dexter Jettser!

He disguised himself as Dexter to gather more information regarding what was happening at the Senate and what the Jedi currently knew. By the information that Obi Wan Kenobi provided him, Boss Nass was able to continue his plan and successfully the plan was in motion and thus the Galactic Republic was removed from power and Boss Nass could go and live his peaceful life.

He even went to Padme’s funeral not to mourn but to gloat over his plan being successful, he even paid Zam Wessell double what Jango and Dooku so she would fail to kill Padme so his plan could continue as planned.

Boss Nass still haunts the galaxy to this day, hiding in the shadows, lurking and waiting to strike once again. However, he sadly passed away during a battle between the Resistance and the First Order where his apprentice Kylo Ren tricked him.

Yeah that’s right, Boss Nass is Snoke, this was a Snoke Theory article, and your dumbass was tricked into reading this Snoke theory.

Happy the May 4th nerds.


Deez Nuts January 8, 2021 || 11:44 am - 11:44 am

I-I…. holy shit.

No November 4, 2021 || 5:56 pm - 5:56 pm

Trash story and telling

DukeGoolies April 20, 2022 || 3:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Boss Nass is hot let’s be real


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