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Mad Hatter & Two-Face Set To Appear In ‘The Batman’ (EXCLUSIVE)

by Jacob Fisher

Matt Reeves’ ‘The Batman’ is beginning to pick up steam quickly for its June 25th, 2021 release date with Robert Pattinson recently being cast as Batman for the film following Ben Affleck’s departure from the role. Now that Matt Reeves has his hero, his next job is to grab his villains and it seems that he will be picking out many villains from Batman’s rogues gallery to appear in the film.

Recently, my friends at GWW recently published a news story that Firefly, Catwoman, The Penguin and The Riddler will be apart of the villain roster for ‘The Batman’ as well as detailing the casting breakdown for each character which you can see on their article (linked above).

These four villains will also be joined by another two iconic villains from Batman’s rogues gallery as I have been told that Two-Face and Mad Hatter are also planned to appear in ‘The Batman’.

They are eyeing to cast a male in their 30-40s for Two-Face and are eyeing to cast a male in their 40-50s for Mad Hatter. It should be noted also that these 6 villains are the ones that Matt Reeves currently is planning to include in the film however, similar to how Batgirl was previously in Birds of Prey and how the character was about to be cast before she was written out of the film, this could be the case for any of these villains however, as it currently stands, these 6 villains will also appear in some capacity in the film.

The film is eyeing to begin filming in Q1 2020, likely in February, previously the film was slated to begin filming on December 9th however, the decision was made to push back production for the film likely due to rewrites on the screenplay and to allow more time for casting on the film. The story of the film will focus on Batman’s detective skills as he uses these skills to solve a murder mystery involving all of the above villains.

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wmb June 14, 2019 | 9:32 pm - 9: 32 pm

Matt Reeves said he wanted to do a trilogy. So the only way that this makes since to have all these characters, IMHO, is if Matt Reeves is going to shoot all three films at once. It also seems like he may be adapting the “Hush” story line for the silver screen as well! He did say he wanted to do a detective story and that would certainly fit the bill. With so much already being none about many of Batman’s rogues and the Bat himself, Matt would have some room to develop Hush and get into his mind. I also noticed that none of the rogues mentioned, were any of Batman’s metahuman villains like Killer Croc, Clayface or Mr. Freeze. So it seems that Reeves may be focusing on The Bat’s more grounded villains, too!


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