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Men in Black: International review – Paper-thin and A Mess of Nothingness

by Ben Rolph

Men In Black International is a messy mash-up of corporate nothingness. Coming off a rocky few sequels with redeeming qualities, this reboot is utter tosh. There is no real oomph, it is lifeless and dull with very few good qualities. Casting Hemsworth and Thompson, a duo that should have chemistry, results almost robot-like in their development and interactions.

The plot and narrative are as basic and bland as you can get, the same old, we got to save the world because of a mysterious alien presence. However, there is a twist. One that delivers little satisfaction as it is part of Hollywood’s archetypal formula and can be seen from a mile away. It is as if someone came up with the concept of the sequel in their sleep, typing the screenplay with their toes.


Agent High T (Liam Neeson) and agent H (Chris Hemsworth) face an attack at the Eiffel Tower, whilst we flashback to a young Molly (Mandeiya Flory) who is mysteriously visited by the Men in Black. Agent M (Tessa Thompson) in the present is wasting away at a call center in New York City, whilst her underlying passion is clear, she wants to find the Men in Black. After a series of tricks, she finds her way into the headquarters, only to be caught and meet Agent O (Emma Thompson).

The film is without any style and is painstakingly bland. Along with this, there is no real intimacy of emotion, especially in the lifeless action that packs no punch at all. It reminds of the ‘Black Panther’ fight in the Wakanda subway, absolutely nothing was felt or conveyed, just empty action with no impact. A large problem routes from F. Gary Gray’s uninspired direction. Gray executes nothing with any sense of touch, the visuals are horribly bland and TV-like, they’ve shot, compiled and edited a mash-up of thoughtless shots.


The comedy barely ever lands. Hemsworth delivers a few giggles, whereas Thompson never lands a laugh and it remains that way throughout. When Rebecca Ferguson shows up, she is actually funny – but barely occupies any screen time. Essentially, Hemsworth and Thompson are stand-ins for the iconic pairing of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. Everything in Molly’s development is based out of circumstance, it is completely eye-rolling with the ease that she completes her missions. Tessa Thompson is as stale and lifeless as ever, no one is allowed space to breathe or compel. Hemsworth has a similar charm to his Thor persona, he livens up the film to be bearably okay at points.


It is the perfect example of thoughtless Hollywood money machines, a check-list is made and completed – aliens, special agents, and a world-ending threat! There is no passion or craft shown, this is filmmaking at its lowest form. Men in Black International is without life, unfunny, dull and horribly executed. It has little qualities to like, compared to the overwhelming lack of care as the failure of a film that it is. A paper-thin mess void of all that is good in Hollywood.

1/5 Stars ★☆☆☆☆

Ben Rolph



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