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Marvel Studios Looking To Cast Mid-20s Chinese America Male In ‘Doctor Strange 2’ (EXCLUSIVE)

by Jacob Fisher

‘Doctor Strange 2’ is currently in development with Scott Derrickson set to return to direct and C. Robert Cargill set to write the screenplay. We have previously exclusively reported that ‘Doctor Strange 2’ is eyed to begin filming in January 2020 and it seems they have begun to make the first casting steps for the film.

We have learned that they are looking to cast a mid-20s Chinese American male codenamed “WILL” who must be able to do a standard American accent. The film will also wrap in May 2020, this seems to indicate that ‘Doctor Strange 2’ will be one of the three films in 2021 with ‘Shang Chi’ also likely to release in February 2021.

Benedict Cumberbatch, Rachel McAdams, Benedict Wong and Chiwetel Ejiofor are set to reprise their respective roles for the sequel.


Rupali June 30, 2019 || 9:15 am - 9:15 am

Hi, there are two members from a group called GOT7 who are Chinese descendants and with American accent. Their names are Mark Tuan from LA originally and Jackson Wang from China.
Please consider them????????

Christina June 30, 2019 || 2:15 pm - 2:15 pm

Jackson Wang is PERFECT

Bella July 1, 2019 || 3:25 am - 3:25 am

Just saying if anyone working on the movie were to see this: CAST JACKSON WANG. He’s in mid-20s, Chinese. He speaks many different dialects of Chinese and fluent English. He was a Junior Olympic Fencer and has martial arts training. He’s VERY well known which might help boost movie sales, just saying. He’s worked with very high end brands such as Adidas, Fendi, & BMW (just to name a few). His tour ends with Kpop group GOT7 this year, so he might be available for shooting. I bet nobody working on the movie is gonna read this, but trust me, he is the best person for this role!

Syahirunnisaazainal July 2, 2019 || 6:12 am - 6:12 am

I suggested jackson wang From Got7 which is Chinese and his age is 25 AND Mark tuan from Got7 too which is taiwan america! They both really good at speaking at english plus Chinese and theyre good at martial arts and acting too! Mark tuan is doing some acting class right now and i admit that you will have no regrets to choose them!

dana July 3, 2019 || 3:13 am - 3:13 am

hi marvel, cast Kris Wu. He’s the perfect guy you’re looking for.

JoyceZhang July 4, 2019 || 2:36 pm - 2:36 pm

Mark Tuan From GOT7????????

Yilin July 4, 2019 || 10:27 pm - 10:27 pm

mark tuan is your best choice,because he is ABC and he has very strong fan base in Asia

Janice July 5, 2019 || 6:36 pm - 6:36 pm

I recommend Mark Tuan from LA and now is a member of GOT7(South-Korean Boy Band ) He is born in LA and have a standard American accent. He have passion and potential to do well in the thing he addicted to. He also love acting and want to join the acting activity. So I hope it could be a chance to him to act in film.


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