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IT Chapter Two: The Experience review

by Ben Rolph

Underneath Waterloo station is where the IT Chapter Two experience is held, a limited frightfest of IT-induced scares, at the Waterloo Vaults. For a limited run, fans of IT can be witness to Warner Bros’ immersive experience into the world of IT and the town of Derry.

You follow in the footsteps of the losers, familiar items and places are seen, it is some-what all too real. The production is incredibly well-oiled, with a range of actors convincingly helping add to the horrifying experience. What is brought to life is a world full of incredible sets and terrifying re-creations of scenes from the new film.


The chapters within side the vaults each evoke horrifying moments, it is truly immersive in the terror that is felt. With the specific technical aspects to the production, they have cleverly maneuvered and orchestrated moments of chilling fear and also moments of out-right terror. The experience is highly interactive and an adventure into the darkness, as what looms is sure to scare you out of your skin.

IT Chapter Two: The Vaults Experience is open to the public from 31st August, ahead of IT CHAPTER TWO’s release in UK cinemas later in the week on 6th September. The experience combines a range of upcoming scenes from the new film, with a total nine themed areas where guests will be plunged into Derry’s frightful town.

Written by Ben Rolph

IT CHAPTER TWO: THE VAULTS EXPERIENCE is open TOMORROW from 31st August – 4th September & IT CHAPTER TWO releases in cinemas on 6th September


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