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IT Chapter Two review – Jessica Chastain Soars in This Intense, Horrifying and Touching Sequel

by Ben Rolph

Coming off of the smash-hit success that was IT in 2017, naturally a sequel awaited. Finally after two years of waiting it has arrived and it sure is well worth the wait. IT Chapter Two is far more intense, the horror is amped up and never turned down. Both films triumph in their own ways, with the first being more of a chilling psychological bend into descending-madness, and the second being an intense horror-ride to end all rides.

This film sees the Losers Club aged up, a whole new star-studded cast taking their places. Yet, the link between the present and the past remains intact, there is no disconnect between the two. The nifty use of flashbacks intertwine the losers’ journey to stop IT, showing some hidden moments to treasure and in their case, remember.


In the sleepy town of Derry, the evil clown Pennywise returns 27 years later, right on queue. His return sees the shocking deaths of innocents, kids go missing and his reign and control upon the now-grown-up members of the Losers Club begins. It has been over 27 years, the group have parted ways, each some-what enjoying their new lives. However, Mike (Isaiah Mustafa) never left Derry, he’s waited all these years knowing the inevitable would return. Upon IT’s return, the losers are called to return to Derry, Maine to end what they started.

Andy Muschietti’s third feature is triumphant, it horrifies, it surprises, it thrills and most certainly it gets under your skin. The feeling most felt is one of intensity, it is a high-stakes horror-filled roller-coaster, it soars along with no jams to be seen. Nothing is held back, specifically the first scene is a perfect example of the sheer intensity and horror that is echoed throughout. The homophobic actions of a gang of Henry Byers-type thugs and the consequential re-introduction of you know who. The brutality is brutal, it’s as if you can feel it.


The creatures and manifestations of how Pennywise messes with the Losers is fantastic, the creativity in the the horror-induced creations is a testament to Muschietti. The crafting of the never-ending fear-filled scenes shows a clear progression in Muschietti’s mastery of horror. With many unforgettable and most-striking visuals in recent memory, the imagery is vividly bright.

Cutting between the scenes of unequivocal terror, there is the Del Toro and Muschietti touch of emotion. An underlying connection between the characters that is emotionally engaging, it’s this invisible string that some-what anchors the film. At its heart, it’s a chaarcter study into the journey of the Losers and their quest to find themselves, which has to end with the defecation of IT.


A worry of many would be that the casting of the older Losers Club would be wrong, yet, that worry is no more. They are perfect, the matching is some-what hard to fathom considering the results. Jessica Chastain specifically is the main highlight, Chastain puts on a tender, yet, sledgehammer-like performance that rocked the world. Followed by the  fabulously-hysterical James Ransone and Bill Hader, both delivering wide-ranging performances full of depth. Ransone steals many scenes, like his younger counterpart (Jack Dylan Grazer) did in the original IT.

IT Chapter Two is undeniably horrifying and incredibly intense, whilst it differs from the first, it delivers a different film that is equally as brilliant as the first. Jessica Chastain steals the show, continuing her Muschietti-legacy of ace performances.

4.5/5 Stars

Ben Rolph

IT CHAPTER TWO is out in UK & US Cinemas on 6TH SEPTEMBER


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