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A24’s ‘Macbeth’ Eyeing To Begin Filming In Early February (EXCLUSIVE)

by Jacob Fisher

We have learned that A24’s upcoming adaption of ‘Macbeth’ is eyeing to begin filming on February 10th in Los Angeles.

This will be the next adaption of the classic Shakespearean play with previous adaptions including 1971’s ‘Macbeth’, 2010’s ‘Macbeth’, 2015’s ‘Macbeth’, 1948’s ‘Macbeth’, 1978’s ‘Macbeth’ and 2016’s ‘Lady Macbeth’. If you are unaware of the plot for ‘Macbeth’, I will firstly turn into your childhood English teacher and then tell you in a scolding manner that you must read more. Secondly, I will give you this simple logline of the story that I definitely did not take from Wikipedia: “A Scottish lord becomes convinced by a trio of witches that he is destined to become king of Scotland. With the help of his ambitious wife, he does what he has to with the goal of seizing the crown.”

Joel Coen is set to write, direct and produce the film, Coen is known for co-writing and co-directing ‘The Ladykillers’, ‘No Country For Old Men’, ‘Burn After Reading’, ‘True Grit’, ‘A Serious Man’, ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’, ‘Hail, Caesar!’ and ‘The Ballad of Buster Scruggs’. Scott Rudin and Robert Graf will produce the film with Frances McDormand set to produce and star as Lady Macbeth and Denzel Washington will also star in the film.

A24 will distribute the film. ‘Macbeth’ will be released in 1623, oh wait…that was the play, not the film! Haha! We got you then…..apologies.

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