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Jay and Silent Bob Reboot review – Kevin Smith’s Splendid Journey of Extreme Hilarity

by Ben Rolph

Kevin Smith returns to the View Askewniverse and his beloved characters, Jay and Silent Bob, in this self-knowing comedy of ridiculous power. Jay and Silent Bob Reboot had me thinking I was about to die, that is how hilarious and pitch-perfect Smith’s film is. Completely ridiculous, raunchy, outlandish and silly, it is the perfect stoner comedy.

If your a fan of Smith’s films you will be screaming, wooing, and howling over the never-ending range of callbacks and cameos he has in store. Perhaps one of the greatest cinematic experiences you will have this year? It is an interactive experience of pure joy. Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes are currently on a tour around America and made a pit-stop over in the UK to show English audiences the new film, doing his ever-famous Q&A’s and sitting down to watch the film with audiences.


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We find our normally-high characters at an undercover weed shop, the Cock Smoker, as they are pursued by the police. Sentenced to a hearing regarding their illegal activities, they are set up by Sabah films who take the rights of their names and a whirlwind of misadventures begins as they try and stop a reboot of Bluntman (Val Kilmer) and Chronic (Melissa Benoist) from being made. Tagging along to Hollywood is Jay’s daughter, Millennium Falcon (Harley Quinn Smith) and a few of her friends.

The center joke for the first half of the film is- what if we self-reflexively take it out on reboots while doing a reboot? Smith has said this was his intention and it evolved it into something more personal and touching, the father-daughter relationship between Jay and Millennium. Inspired by Smith’s journey as a parent, but more so Mewes’ real-life adventure of becoming an unsuspectingly incredible dad (to paraphrase Smith). Although the film is clearly taking jabs at everything or anyone on the surface, the deeper underlying heart of Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is what keeps its story from ever going thin.


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It is a rick-roaring ride of pure hilarity. Smith directs with confidence and his passion wonderfully radiates clear into the audiences’ experience. Smith brings in cameos from nearly all of his films and television endeavors. It is a gem that keeps on giving. Ben Affleck shows up for an extended cameo, which acts as a sequel to his and Smith’s Chasing Amy. With so many Batman and other Affleck references, it becomes a game of what is going to come next.

Bluntman and Chronic get recast, Melissa Benoist and Val Kilmer take over the titular roles as a reboot clip is screened at ‘Chronic Con’ (a brilliant spoof on Comic-Con). Chris Wood and Jesse Rath watch Benoist and Kilmer’s clip as cosplayers scream and swear in southern American accents. Melissa Benoist’s cameo hits best, “I’ll kick you in the hater tots!”. Being a fan of Melissa and Supergirl, hearing her swear playing another superhero is just beyond hysterical. Smith knew what he was doing.


Courtesy of Miramax

Additional cameos include Matt Damon, Justin Long, Chris Hemsworth, and Jason Lee. Jason Lee returns as Brodie Bruce- the owner of a comic book shop. Smith carefully picks certain comics to have on-screen, even with a little mural for Stan Lee in the background. How nice is that? However, Lee is fantastic in kicking off the film and getting the mood set and going. Hemsworth shows up as a hologram, incredible and seriously hilarious.

The film may not be the most subtle and depth-for-filling, the film knows that and its self-reflexive nature makes it an absolute romp of a cinema experience. Cleverly worded by Smith, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is a comedy to rival all comedies. With your cheeks hurting and a smile that cannot be wiped, you know Kevin Smith has delivered the comedy of 2019 and one of the funniest most cleverly-written films of the decade.

Score: ★★★★★

‘Jay and Silent Bob Reboot’ is in UK Cinemas now and also in a Roadshow theatrical release in the U.S.

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