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Clint Eastwood Looking to Direct Final Film of His Career at Warner Bros. (EXCLUSIVE)

by Jacob Fisher
An image of director Clint Eastwood wearing a cowboy hat in his film CRY MACHO for our exclusive DiscussingFilm scoop confirming that his next feature titled JUROR #2 will be the final film he will direct in his career before retirement.

We have learned that Clint Eastwood is beginning to close in on directing what is being internally billed as the final film of his career, after decades of starring in classic pictures and directing over 35 of his own.

Clint Eastwood’s final film is said to be landing at Warner Bros., the studio where he has been developing projects for over 50 years now. Ever since Gran Torino in 2008, Eastwood has strictly stayed at Warner Bros. and has delivered 10 more films for the studio including Oscar-nominated favorites like Invictus, American Sniper, Sully, and Richard Jewell. His most recent film, Cry Macho, was one of the last few titles to be released day-and-date on HBO Max and in theaters by Warner Bros. in 2021.

Speaking of Cry Macho, the Wall Street Journal reported that when Discovery acquired WarnerMedia, new President and CEO David Zaslav “grilled” in-house executives on the making of that film among others which all flopped at the box office. When execs revealed that they would be willing to take a chance on Eastwood, regardless of box office returns due to his rich history at the studio, Zaslav answered with “We don’t owe anyone any favors.” With our latest report, it seems that Zaslav has changed his tune on Eastwood and is eager to get his final film at Warner Bros.

As for the plot of Clint Eastwood’s final film, sources say he is working on a thriller that is currently titled “Juror #2.” The story is said to follow a juror on a murder trial who realizes that he may have caused the victim’s death and must grapple with the dilemma of whether to manipulate the jury to save himself, or reveal the truth and turn himself in.

While sources say Eastwood is definitely looking to direct, what cannot be certain is Eastwood sticking to the idea of this being his final film. Even though this is how the project is being internally billed, there’s still a small chance that Eastwood decides to tackle another feature after Juror #2. Ultimately, though, with the four-time Oscar winner approaching the age of 93, we’re being told that Eastwood’s current plan is to retire completely after the creation of this film.

No start date has been locked in for Clint Eastwood’s final film. Casting has yet to begin as well, however, one source has hinted that Eastwood is eyeing a young Hollywood star for the lead role. This young star also happens to be starring as the lead in a big film releasing within the next few months per our knowledge. That being said, no further talks with talent have begun.

Juror #2 would be Clint Eastwood’s 40th directed feature film, which makes for an unparalleled cinematic legacy alongside his just as iconic acting career. In addition to his Best Director and Best Picture Academy Award wins for both 1992’s Unforgiven and 2004’s Million Dollar Baby, Eastwood will be remembered for operating unlike any other filmmaker in Hollywood. From his notorious one-take method to actually delivering films under budget to that one time he cast three American heroes in the retelling of their own story in The 15:17 to Paris, the list goes on and on with Eastwood’s noble feats behind the camera.

Under the leadership of Michael De Luca and Pam Abdy, Warner Bros. is building an exciting slate of iconic filmmakers to lead the future of the studio. This includes films in active development from directors such as M. Night Shyamalan, Baz Luhrmann, Matt Reeves, Zach Cregger, Tim Burton, and Michael Giacchino as well as completed films from Greta Gerwig (Barbie), Denis Villeneuve (Dune: Part Two), Paul King (Wonka), Bong Joon-ho (Mickey 17), George Miller (Furiosa), Todd Phillips (Joker: Folie à Deux) and Kevin Costner (Horizon). Clint Eastwood’s final film, Juror #2, is sure to be a heavy addition to this list.

Cry Macho is currently streaming on HBO Max!

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Jim March 30, 2023 || 1:00 pm - 1:00 pm

“A man has to know his limitations.” Harry Callahan, Magnum Force

Agnes Feldman March 30, 2023 || 2:04 pm - 2:04 pm

Thank you for a long career and great movies and tv shows.

Agnes Feldman March 30, 2023 || 2:06 pm - 2:06 pm

Thank you for a lot of great movies and shows!!!

Romeo Santiago March 30, 2023 || 5:39 pm - 5:39 pm

Warner Bros (aka Discovery) needs to show some respect towards Mr Eastwood. He made millions for the studio. Let’s hope we have a couple more movies from Mr Eastwood before he retires

David McKay II March 30, 2023 || 5:49 pm - 5:49 pm

Wonderful news.

Kiani April 1, 2023 || 9:53 am - 9:53 am

Clint you gave us the best project’s
Good luck with final bill
“Go ahead make my day”

Olivier de Baillenx April 3, 2023 || 7:42 am - 7:42 am

Well, it’ a great news. His French fan club is very excited and we hope the best from this American Hero !

Cyrus April 14, 2023 || 4:22 am - 4:22 am

Crazy how old he is, on one hand understand the retirement decision but on the other I’m really going to miss this true legend. He’s one of the very few people or things that brought together my Dad and I, we always made some sort of plan to watch the newest Clint Eastwood movie.

Bill April 23, 2023 || 11:57 am - 11:57 am

incredibly grateful for the 2 hours of terrific escape from this crazy old world from one of America’s greatest story tellers time after time.

Tammy Green April 28, 2023 || 6:44 pm - 6:44 pm

Clint you are a legend, l have enjoyed everything you have ever made and acted in. What a gentle spiritual interesting captivating person you are.
You are an inspiration and l look forward to your future works.
Love and kindness to you.

Marcia Dunn April 30, 2023 || 8:42 pm - 8:42 pm

My personal favorite? Bridges of Madison County…he was definitely a great tough guy in some of his films, but his tender side was amazing to watch.

Arlene Phipps May 22, 2023 || 9:26 pm - 9:26 pm

Wonderful person wonderful movies


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