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Carlos Valdes Leaving CW’s ‘The Flash’

by Jacob Fisher

Before beginning his run on ‘The Flash’ in 2014, Carlos Valdes was known for his various roles in Broadway with no film or television projects under his belt until joining ‘The Flash’. This is not unusual for a Broadway-centric actor to jump onto the DC Television train (Melissa Benoist also being another notable example). Because Carlos was mainly from a Broadway background, audience members were not sure what to expect from Carlos’ acting until he first appeared alongside Danielle Panabaker in one of the remaining episodes of ‘Arrow’ Season 2. It’s easy to say that audiences of ‘The Flash’ have fallen in love with Cisco, the quirky superhero has became a fan favourite character on the show. For those audience members, this article will not please you.

Recently, We Got This Covered reported that following ‘The Flash’ Season 5, Carlos Valdes will not reprising his role as Cisco, at least not in a series regular role. There is a potential chance that Carlos may still hold a recurring guest role on the series going forward however, it is likely that Carlos Valdes could be returning to Broadway after departing ‘The Flash’. This would mean that it will be very difficult to bring Carlos in for guest stints and would likely only include him for necessary storylines.

SuperBroMovies writer and popular Twitter scooper Daniel Richtman stated that he feels that it is “very likely” that ‘The Flash’ Season 5 will see the departure of Carlos Valdes as Cisco. When discussing the topic of Carlos Valdes leaving ‘The Flash’, popular DC Television YouTuber Pagey explains that the current story for ‘The Flash’ Season 5 “is setting his [Carlos Valdes] departure up and his consistent absences in episodes, in my opinion at least, is the show getting us used to Cisco not being there with the team”.

But how will the show handle the loss of such an intergal character? Pagey believes that his departure will not go well, stating that he believes that “last season with the Gypsy character would have been the best time to say goodbye to the Cisco character”. Pagey adds that “Cisco to me is easily the heart of the show” which means that “losing a character who is THAT popular with viewers, I can see it being a rough period when we possibly pick up next season without him”.

Ben Rolph, popular DC Television YouTuber and DiscussingFilm Editor, has suggested that in ‘The Flash’ Season 6, the showrunners could work a similar situation to Winn leaving Supergirl, Ben suggests “I think they will try and weave in a replacement, like a Brainiac 5”. Ben Rolph adds that since Cisco is such a intergal part of the show that “it may be bumpy going into season 6 as seen with Supergirl’s situation with Winn there will most likely be an obvious absence that will be felt”.

As of writing, Carlos Valdes’ representatives, The CW representatives and Warner Bros representatives are yet to provide a comment regarding this story.

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