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Suits: ‘Scenic Route’ Recap & Review

by Courtney Le

There’s nothing better than easing the pain of the firm falling apart with a nice warm cup of Darvey. In this episode of Suits, we take the ‘Scenic Route’ and take a trip to the past.

Starting out strong, we meet Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and Donna (Sarah Rafferty) in Harvey’s kitchen where Donna has made him a cute breakfast on the go, preparing for his road trip with Samantha (Katherine Heigl). The two have their usual banter but Donna confesses that she loves Harvey. Donna says she loves Harvey and he returns the sentiment!

(Any respectable Darvey fan knows they love each other, but it’s still so damn surreal to hear it.)

It only took two awkward “I love yous” (see season four), Donna working for Louis, Harvey almost going to jail for Mike, along with ten thousand other catastrophes before they got together and said the L-word. It is about time. Both Darvey fans and I could not be more blessed on this Suits day.

For those who are not addicted to Darvey, this Suits episode still had a lot in store for them. In the last episode, Harvey and Samantha got past the Mike debacle and decided that they would go meet Sam’s biological father. We get to see the two strengthen their bond while having several Samantha flashbacks. These flashbacks provide a deeper look into Sam’s life and give a little more personality to her. If you have not empathized with Sam yet, you definitely do now. When Samantha meets her father, Harvey is by her side to offer her such wholesome, brotherly love that I wish we had more time to explore.

SUITS — “Scenic Route” Episode 907 — Pictured: Sarah Rafferty as Donna Paulsen — (Photo by Ian Watson/USA Network)

Harvey inevitably has to return home to get back to work, and so the final scene of the episode is in his apartment. There, Donna surprises him with a gift: the painting, Harvey’s prized possession only seen in photographs ever since Elliott Stemple took it.

It turns out, Donna has switched the painting in Stemple’s office for a forgery and Harvey is holding the original which was painted by his mother. He grows teary-eyed and says he has to make a call— of course, Donna knows exactly who it is for because she’s Donna. The episode ends with him calling his mother while looking at the painting creating a heartfelt moment.

This episode tore my heart out and stitched it back in. From exploring Samantha’s past as both a survivor of abuse and unloved child to Harvey’s tender moments with Donna, I think my heart shattered and repaired itself twenty times throughout ‘Scenic Route.’ As an insane fan of Mike Ross, I thought nothing could top the fifth episode of this season. I was so wrong.

My only need now is the Darvey proposal. When is it coming?

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