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Disney+ ‘Lizzie McGuire’ Reboot Will Include Openly Gay Character & Agoraphobic Character (EXCLUSIVE)

by Jacob Fisher

We have learned that the upcoming revival of ‘Lizzie McGuire’ will include an openly gay character and an agoraphobic character.

These two characters will be neighbours of Lizzie McGuire as the series follows her navigating life in New York City. One neighbour is codenamed Carson Lang (it is unknown if this will be the character’s actual name in the series), Lang will be a neighbour and friend of Lizzie McGuire, he will likely feature in a series regular capacity in the series.

The other neighbour is codenamed Sooz who will be Lizzie’s neighbour who dislikes leaving home and also has agoraphobia. Agoraphobia is the fear and anxiety of being in places where it is hard to escape, or where help may not be available. Agoraphobia usually involves fear of crowds, bridges, or of being outside alone.

Production on the Lizzie McGuire series begins this month. Yesterday it was announced by Disney+ that Hallie Todd, Robert Carradine, and Jake Thomas would reprise their respective roles from the original series. Gary Marsh, president and chief creative officer of Disney Channel said in a statement:

“Just like there is no Lizzie McGuire without Hilary Duff, there is no McGuire family without Hallie, Robert, and Jake. The original series holds a special place in the hearts of so many, and we can’t wait to introduce fans, both old and new, to an older, wiser, yet still perfectly imperfect Lizzie.”

Hillary Duff had this to say at D23 regarding the plot of the ‘Lizzie McGuire’ reboot:

“Lizzie has also grown up, she’s older, she’s wiser, she has a much bigger shoe budget. She has her dream job, the perfect life right now working as an apprentice to a fancy New York City decorator. She has the perfect man, who owns a fancy restaurant. She’s getting ready to celebrate her 30th birthday.”

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