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‘WandaVision’ Episode 7 Review – Pulling Back the Magic Curtains

by Ben Rolph

Spoilers for Episode 7 of WandaVision follow!

After an intro reminiscent of Arrested Development, episode 7 of WandaVision kicks off with Wanda breaking the fourth wall, talking to the camera. With her surroundings shifting and her kids becoming restless, all Wanda wants to do is relax and she’s able to do just this as Agatha arrives in the nick of time and swiftly takes the kids away. Nothing is off quite just yet, as it seems Wanda is just adapting to the changes around her, which appear to be subconsciously happening. Episode 7 is nothing less than the entries that came before, it’s wildly engaging and best of all, mysterious.

With S.W.O.R.D closing in on the offense, the clock is ticking for the small town of Westview. But not all is as usual, as last week’s cliffhanger left Darcy Lewis stranded in Westview, she’s now an escape artist at a circus until Vision locks eyes with her and shakes her back to reality. The two have a great bond on their mini road trip, and incorporating Lewis into the world is the best thing to come of the character yet. Likewise, Vision is entirely aware of Wanda’s trickery and Lewis lays all the information he missed down on him, including the shockers. 

As usual, this episode runs on a shorter length than many fans would like, however, I personally love the short and snappy runtimes. It allows for not a splash of unneeded excess exposition, everything seen has great importance and there are no trimmings left on the side. That is one of the things that the show has done so well, its lack of exposition is something to be adored. Its diversion from Marvel’s usual formula is a gift and one should take the time to admire the adequately smooth build-up to all of WandaVision‘s shocking reveals. And, yes, this week has a huge jaw-dropping shocker.

Monica Rambeau transforming into Photon/Spectrum in Episode 7 of WandaVision.
Teyonah Parris in Episode 7 of ‘WandaVision’ courtesy of Disney

Wanda’s lack of vision, so to say, starts to get to her as she begins to believe everything is meaningless. But as she comes to these realizations it’s in front of her kids who are left clueless, but noticing that something is off with their mom. As always, Elizabeth Olsen is fantastic, delivering bucket loads of charm, awkwardness, and vitriolic rage. Her ability to blend into the shifting time-periods is remarkable and in this episode, she lets loose. The humor is dark, awkward, and captivating. The fourth-wall-breaking interviews are testaments to that, bringing a similar feel to Modern Family.

On the other side, Monica Rambeau calls in backup as she attempts to break into town. She successfully breaks in, but with serious consequences. As she desperately runs into Wanda’s force field, Monica goes through a life-changing experience, her eyes turn blue and her life’s choices flash before her. She is transformed into Spectrum, the super-powered hero from the comics. Similar to her comic origin, she gains her newfound superpowers after being torpedoed by extra-dimensional energy. It would seem that her cells have shifted, giving her powers, but could it be the MCU’s introduction to the mutant gene? Is she the MCU’s first mutant? Those are questions that will undoubtedly be answered very soon. But things don’t look too bright for the sunny town of Westview and for Monica, as in WandaVision‘s first mid-credits scene of the series, she runs into none other than Pietro, whose identity as Wanda’s brother is called into question.

The super-powered Monica marches into town, confronting Wanda at her house. Wanda loses it and attempts to expel her once again. But things aren’t like last time as Monica is able to stand her ground, proving to have formidable amounts of strength as she absorbs Wanda’s attack. Agatha steps in and breaks up the fight, leading Wanda into her house. The lighting is gloomy, the colors are unlike the palette we’re used to. It’s evident that something is afoot. As Wanda looks for her children, Agatha suggests for her to wander down to the basement to look for them. Now, spoiler time, the big reveal is here in all of its dark, quirky glory. The puppet master is unveiled, and no it’s not Mephisto as speculation may have led you to believe. It turns out, Agatha isn’t just Wanda’s friendly neighbor, but she’s been orchestrating things all along. Agatha is actually Agatha Harkness. Or one might say that she is the wicked witch of the West(view). In the comics, Harkness is an extremely powerful witch who’s faced off against Wanda many times. One crucial comic storyline that it seems WandaVision is playing with is Harkness’ link to her children, where she claims that they are fragments of Mephisto’s soul. Could Mephisto still show up? It’s very likely if they’re following the rough outline of their comic relationship. 

Agnes aka Agatha Harkness shown performing dark magic in episode 7 of WandaVision.
Kathryn Hahn in Episode 7 of ‘WandaVision’ courtesy of Disney

Week by week, another excellent, if at times controversial, aspect of the show are the cliffhangers. Fans have voiced a notable distaste and frustration for the cut to credits, wanting more and more. But that’s part of the draw, it leaves one on a fascinating and usually shocking note. Hence, WandaVision is the perfect week-by-week program and the cliffhangers are undoubtedly a huge part of its success as the number one series in the world. Moving back to episode 7’s big twist, it is perfectly glorious, fashioned with its very own Agatha Harkness reveal song, it echoes the playfulness of A Series of Unfortunate Events‘ Count Olaf. Harkness taps into Wanda’s mind, showing her that it’s been “Agatha all along” as the song and images recall past events, only from Agatha’s perspective. It’s catchy, mind-blowing, and a joy to watch. The reveal explains quite a few of the unanswered anomalies as of Episode 7. It’s one of the best moments of WandaVision so far. 

The seventh episode continues WandaVision‘s endless streak of brilliance, finishing with the villain reveal everyone’s been waiting for and it’s better than I could have imagined. This chapter strikes a fine balance in humor, playfulness, darkness, and fan service – it all plays wonderfully into its unique and quirky style. If this is a taster for what’s to come, fans will be eating well as the series heads towards the finale. 

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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