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Netflix Geeked Week – Everything You Need to Know from Day 2

by Michael Slavin
The cast of The Umbrella Academy in an elevator

Netflix will this week be live-streaming their inaugural Geeked Week, bringing news and first looks at various projects just around the corner. The five-day event follows the smash success of DC’s Fandome and will be running from June 7 to June 11. We’ll be covering its entirety live, both on Twitter and with daily recaps right here on DiscussingFilm! 


Netflix has set different themes for each day of Geeked Week, with the second being the day of Comics. After day 1’s numerous revenge-based action films, day 2 is set to feature some shows and films based on huge comics properties. Continuing on from the smashing success of Umbrella Academy season 2, expect more details on an upcoming third season today. Further, the first non-cast related information regarding the upcoming adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman is also expected. Finally, the main attraction of the day is Netflix’s adaptation of Anime and Manga series Cowboy Bebop starring John Cho, with a trailer or footage likely to be revealed.

A preview of the content being posted on Day 2 of Netflix's Geeked Week
A preview of todays content posted by Netflix

Umbrella Academy Season 3

The first reveal of the day came from the direction of Umbrella Academy, the hit adaptation of Gerard Way’s comic-book of the same name.

Netflix have released the episode titles for all of season 3. The end of season 2 hinted at a plot surrounding a competing academy called the ‘Sparrow Academy’, which is also set to be the plot of Volume 4 of the comic-book. This is further hinted in the first episode’s title “Meet the Family”, with the overall plot once again appearing to be surrounding the Umbrella Academy stopping the end of the world based on the titles for episode 8 and 10.

Locke and Key Season 2

Following season 1’s smash success, Netflix announced that Locke and Key’s second season is set to release this October.

Courtesy of Netflix

The show follows the story of the Locke family finding a set of magical key’s which unlock various doors. Starring Connor Jessup and Darby Stanchfield, the cast announced the release date from the set of season 2, currently filming.

Cowboy Bebop

Carrying over from the iconic Anime series, Netflix announced that original composer Yoko Kanno is returning to work on the soundtrack for the live-action Cowboy Bebop adaptation.

On top of it all, they announced that the show is set to release this Fall. After a delay following a freak on-set knee injury sustained by John Cho, which set back production by 7-9 months, the series is finally dropping after years of hype surrounding its release.

The Sandman

As well as this, the first exclusive look at The Sandman was released, with Neil Gaiman taking us on a look behind the production of the show.

The first look at the sets appear outstanding, perfectly recreating the vast and artistically expansive world created in Gaiman’s dark fantasy classic. As well as this were interviews with Gwendoline Christie, who plays Lucifer, and Tom Surridge who plays Dream, both of whom are huge fans of the comic. The show is hotly anticipated, with the comic being considered one of the greatest of all time. The world-building of the narrative, focusing on the realm of dreams ruled by Morpheus (also known as Dream) is looking to set a new high bar for Netflix adaptations.

Here’s everything you missed from Day 1 of Geeked Week

Stay tuned for more reveals tomorrow!

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