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‘Ron’s Gone Wrong’ Blu-Ray Clips Explore the Meaning of Friendship (EXCLUSIVE)

by Andrew J. Salazar
Ron the B*Bot voiced by Zach Galifianakis wearing a wool beanie with different yellow sticky notes with drawings all over his body on an official poster for RON'S GONE WRONG now available on 4K UHD and Blu-ray.

One of the breakout animated films of the year, Ron’s Gone Wrong is now available on home release! A timely tale of friendship that “people of all ages will be able to enjoy and take something different away from while appreciating it just the same,” seeking out Ron’s Gone Wrong on 4K UHD and Blu-ray would make for a swell gift this holiday season. In case you’re not sold yet, we’ve got two behind-the-scenes clips to share and bonus feature details.

We follow Barney, an awkward young boy navigating through the harsh years of middle school. He’s the only kid around who can’t afford a B*Bot, a new cute and customizable robot companion that takes the meaning of “friend” to a whole new level. When he is gifted a damaged unit, bought for a cheaper price, Barney is able to make the best out of the newly-named Ron’s factory flaws, that is until they accidentally cause mayhem across every other child and B*Bot in town.

Stars Jack Dylan Grazer and Zach Galifianakis, along with directors Jean-Philippe Vine and Sara Smith, speak on the film’s themes of social media dominance and the effect it has on our relationships, especially for young folks, in the clip below. They highlight why Ron’s Gone Wrong resonates so much with audiences today, and why animation was the perfect medium to tell this story. You can also see a snippet of actors Ed Helms and Olivia Colman in the voice recording studio as a bonus treat after. “Every now and then a film comes along that not only feels good but also makes you question aspects of the way we live,” and these behind-the-scenes looks at Ron’s Gone Wrong definitely exemplify that.

Ron’s Gone Wrong | "What is Friendship" Bonus Extra | On Blu-ray December 7
Ron’s Gone Wrong | BTS w/ Ed Helms and Olivia Colman | Now on Digital & Blu-ray

Ron’s Gone Wrong Bonus Features

  • A Boy and His B*Bot: When Jack Met Zach – Zach Galifianakis and Jack Dylan Grazer, the voices behind Ron and Barney, sit down to chat about a fun assortment of topics. From social media to skateboarding, the two actors from two very different generations tell us all about when Jack met Zach.
  • Making Ron Right Join cast and crew behind the scenes as they reveal the skill, dedication and friendship it took to bring this film to life. From writing the script to the voice-over booth, Locksmith’s artisans detail how they made Ron right.
  • “Sunshine” Music VideoSong from the motion picture Ron’s Gone Wrong, performed by Liam Payne.

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