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SDCC 2022: Marvel Studios Animation Reveals

by Andrew J. Salazar
The official Marvel Studios Animation logos for X-Men '97, Spider-Man: Freshman Year, Marvel Zombies, and What If...? Season 2 from San Diego Comic-con 2022.

For the first time in their history, Marvel Studios is having an entire separate San Diego Comic-Con panel presentation solely dedicated to their booming slate of animation. In years past, Marvel has had major panels focused on their streaming and television projects, but today marks a new stepping stone for the brand. As previously announced, the upcoming Marvel Studios animation slate is packed with exciting titles for Disney+, some even fulfilling die-hard fans’ wildest imaginations. Today at San Diego Comic-Con 2022, Marvel Studios will be unveiling hot new information on highly-anticipated titles such as Spider-Man: Freshman Year, Marvel Zombies, What If…? Season 2, and, of course, the return of an all-time classic in X-Men ’97.

It should be noted that for San Diego Comic-Con 2022, Marvel Studios’ infamous Hall H panel presentation is also back for the first time since the massive event properly took place in 2019. Their massive movie presentation is always reserved as the main event on Saturday the third day of the event, however, this year the new Marvel Studios animation panel is notably longer than the Hall H film presentation, by an extra 30 minutes to be exact. This can only mean that Marvel Studios is bringing a ton of new surprises from their animation department, all of which can be found here below. Without further ado, here are all of today’s major reveals and shockers from the first ever Marvel Studios San Diego Comic-Con animation panel, including exclusive footage descriptions that were shown only to panel attendees!

SDCC 2022: Marvel Studios Animation Panel

This list will be updated LIVE starting at 11:45 AM PT on Friday, July 22

What If…?

New Plot Details: An episode is set to be based off the 2003 limited comic series Marvel: 1602 which places superheroes in the Elizabethan Era. Other episodes and plot lines feature a story about Hela, Odin vs The Mandarin, Yondu giving young Peter Quill to his father Ego, Captain Carter meeting Winter Soldier Natasha and Tony on Sakaar with Valkyrie and Hulk.

Exclusive Footage Description:

The episode set to feature Hela appears to be an origin story as the footage showed her putting on her iconic horns for the first time.

Other footage shows Tony Stark on the planet Sakaar from Thor Ragnarok, who is in a Death Run Race (similar to the ones in Mad Max: Fury Road) with a colourful Hulk Buster and The Grandmaster.

The trailer also teases a fight between Odin and his army against Shang-Chi’s parents, Xu Wenwu aka The Mandarin and his wife Ying Li, in a universe where they ended up together. The dragon known as the Great Protector and the Guardian of Ta Lo from Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings is also seen in the footage.

A completed episode of the second season titled What If… Captain Carter Fought The Hydra Stomper was shown. In the episode, Captain Carter faces a brainwashed Hydra Stomper being controlled by the red room while Steve is alive and inside of it.

Voice Cast: Mark Ruffalo, Sebastian Stan, Samuel L. Jackson and Hayley Atwell all return to voice their respective characters.

Bonus Info: Season 3 has been confirmed.

Release Date: Season 2 will release in early 2023.

Spider-Man: Freshman Year

New Plot Details: The series is set before Captain America: Civil War. Characters penned to make appearances in the show, aside from the titular character, include Harry Osborne, Amadeus Cho, Nico Minuro, Chameleon, Scorpion, Lonnie Lincoln, Pyromaniac, Speed Demon, Tarantula, Doc Ock, Rhino, The Wizard, Daredevil, Doctor Strange and Norman Osborne.

Voice Cast: The only voice cast currently confirmed is Charlie Cox who will be returning as Daredevil as well as Paul F. Tompkins, who moderated today’s panel, and will voice Bentley Whitman.

Bonus Info: Season 2 of the show is set to be called Spider-Man: Sophomore Year.

Release Date: 2024

Marvel Zombies

New Plot Details: Zombified versions of characters in the series include Hawkeye, Captain America, Abomination, Ghost, Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch, Okoye and Ikaris.

New heroes include Yelena Belova, Red Guardian, Kate Bishop, Jimmy Woo, Ms Marvel and Death Dealer and images also showed a Mad Max-esque Skrull Biker Gang.

Bonus Info: The show will be rated TV-MA, making it unsuitable for individuals under 17 years old.

Release Date: 2024

X-Men ’97

New Plot Details: The creators of the show listed the characters who create “a timeless team” within the series including Rogue, Beast, Gambit, Jean Grey, Wolverine, Storm, Jubilee and Cyclops.

Other characters include Cable, Bishop, Morph, Nightcrawler, Roberto Da Costa as well as members of The Hellfire Club, Emma Frost and Callisto and Magneto in a new look who is the new leader of the X-Men.

Bolivar Trask is known to be a villain alongside Sentinels.

Exclusive Footage Description: A very short incomplete clip from the show was presented during the panel in which the X-Men face Trask as he unleashes Sentinels. Rogue takes one of their heads off and throws it around like a ball whilst Wolverine faces another one and says “Fancy, a trip to the junkyard bud?”, beating one open and controlling it’s arms and body from the inside.

Bonus Info: Season 2 of the show has already been green-lit.

Release Date: Fall 2023

Stay tuned for more Marvel Studios announcements from San Diego Comic-Con 2022!

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