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‘THE FLASH’ Issue #42 Review

by Jeremiah Monaghan

In this issue of ‘THE FLASH’ titled ‘Perfect Storm, Part Four’, written by Joshua Williamson and drawn by Dan Panosian, continues the overarching storyline of this volume with Black Hole, while also setting the stage for what’s to come next in this series in ‘Flash War’. The comic, published March 14, 2018,  continues to expand on Grodd’s plan while also giving more development to Barry in his current state in a great way.

The issue begins with Wally I fighting Raijin as Grodd and Meena watch the battle. Wally’s role this arc has been great as it has done an amazing job of expanding the current state of Barry and Wally’s relationship, setting up their upcoming conflict in this comic’s next storyline. Over the past few issues, we have seen the two characters argue and butt heads repeatedly, showing that their relationship is starting to split. Anyways, after the fight between Wally and Raijin gets close to its conclusion, Grodd begins to become even weaker, saying that they need to return to the lightning rod. As Wally defeats Raijin, he forces Raijin to give up information, which is cut away from before we see what Raijin says.


The issue transitions to Barry and August hiding out. They are discussing how to stop Black Hole as Barry wants his speed back. August begins to question Barry, saying that Barry’s obsession with the Speed Force reminds him of how he once was back when he was a villain. August says that Barry is trying to use August to make his actions seem right, thinking that because August has been a villain, that he will approve of any measures Barry takes. Barry tells August to trust him, which transitions into the next scene of the comic. Before we go into that scene, let’s talk a bit about Barry and August. The two have had one of the most interesting dynamics of this series, starting as friends, then enemies, and now friends again. One of the best storylines of these past few issues has been the redemption of August Heart after his villainous acts as Godspeed, and I can’t wait to see it expanded further in upcoming issues.

Next, we see a short scene between Meena and Grodd. This shows that Meena may not be all bad, although with this comic, who knows what direction that could go. I just hope that Meena’s storyline gets resolved soon, as it has been going on since the series started. The next scene shows Wally II and Avery as they confront Meena. They try to get through to her, but it’s no use. Before she can attack, August and Barry arrive to save the day. Wally I arrives to warn the others of what he has discovered, but before he can, a huge army of Multiplex’s soldiers arrive. This leads to a short but great fight between heroes and villains. Meanwhile, Barry, despite Wally’s attempts to stop him, uses the lightning wand to get his speed back, becoming The Flash once more. However, after he does this, Grodd arrives, saying that Barry has just made him stronger by giving him an even larger connection to the Speed Force. He takes over the bodies of Wally I, Wally II, Avery, and August, ending the issue.

Overall, this issue was a solid continuation of the storyline that has been going on in The Flash for a while. We see just how far Barry is willing to go to get his speed back, even if others are telling him not to. Barry refuses to listen to anyone, including Wally I, which ultimately helps Grodd. The great writing from Williamson continues throughout this issue, and Panosian’s art is solid enough. I would rate this issue an 8.3/10.

Issue #43 of ‘THE FLASH’ will release on March 28, 2018.

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