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DC Comics: ‘New Age of Heroes’


Recently DC Comics have launched a range of comics titled ‘New Age of Heroes’. A line of comics that is aimed at bringing in new readers and perhaps, enticing existing fans to broaden their reading horizons and expand out of their comfort zones.

This line includes a variety of new characters and some old that have been thrown into the mix, again with the hope of rekindling past passions for those older characters such as Plastic-Man. Much like Batman: The Brave and the Bold had done in the comics and the most enjoyable cartoon from 2008-2011.

The New Age of Heroes line includes some of DC Comics top illustrative talents such as Tony S. Daniel, John Romita Jr and Andy Kubert with writing talent from Scott Snyder and Dan DiDio to name a few.


So, is it any good? Are these new titles worth buying and following? As with anything a lot of it will come down to personal taste in art and writing and also depend on sheep/herd activity; what’s popular will gain more followers. If like me, you buy comics because of your favourite writer and artists, there is a good chance you may like some of these books already dropping weekly from DC Comics. Damage seems to be already picking up a load of new followers as well as existing fans. Written by Robert Venditti with artwork by Tony S. Daniel, Damage is definitely eye-candy with a solid story. At first glance however one could be forgiven for thinking this is yet another ‘HULK’ figure that rampages after a government experiment. That is because that is basically what it is but does seem to offer more and keeps the reader intrigued enough to want to find out what that ‘more’ could be.

What about the rest of the line? Well so far the released titles are: Damage, The Silencer, Sideways, The Terrifics and The Immortal Men. All five titles that have been launched feature beautiful artwork and the stories promise some really fun adventures and interesting plots.
Each title deserves its own review but that’s not in this article, sorry. The overall look and feel of DCs new ‘Age of Heroes’ line has some real potential. The question is whether or not these new books can stand-up against the falling comic sales of the last few years? Comic sales have been slowing rapidly lately, ironic really considering Hollywood has been pumping out comic based films for the past ten years and shows no sign of stopping. One would think that the sales for comic books would increase instead of drop but that is nothing new to the comic book world and also no stranger to DC Comics who have weathered these storms in the past.

My personal recommendation is to go visit your local comic store and explore these new titles for yourself. I am so far enjoying what has been dropped, the Terrifics was surprisingly enjoyable while Sideways hasn’t hit me in the way I would have preferred or expected. One little hint, do not miss The Silencer by Dan Abnett, John Romita Jr and Sandra Hope.

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