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Who is The ‘HEROES IN CRISIS’ Killer?

by Jeremiah Monaghan

WARNING: This article contains spoilers.

The DC Comics event ‘HEROES IN CRISIS’ has become a very controversial event due to its murder mystery storyline that has led to the deaths of multiple popular characters, including Wally West and Roy Harper. With the seventh issue of the series right around the corner, and the solicitations for both it and the eighth issue hinting at the killer reveal being right around the corner, it’s time to ask the question: who is the killer? Let’s start with the obvious suspects.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn has been a major suspect throughout ‘HEROES IN CRISIS’. She was the killer seen by Booster Gold, and when questioned by Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, Harley fought back amd refused to answer their questions. There is lots of evidence pointing against Harley, but one big thing is pointing in her favor: she is a main suspect in the comic itself. Harley is one of two characters that is suspected by the characters in the book, and this could make it very unlikely that Harley ends up being the killer.

Booster Gold

Booster Gold is a major suspect in the ‘HEROES IN CRISIS’ murders. Harley Quinn saw Booster Gold commit the murders in the Sanctuary, and he has little memory of the events of the Sanctuary massacre, causing many to question his mental state, including himself. However, like Harley, Booster is a major suspect in the book itself, making it unlikely that he would be made the killer. However, Booster being the killer could still be possible.

Now, let’s get into the crazier and more… Unusual suspects.

Wally West

Yeah, I told you things were gonna get weird. Now, yes, Wally West is… Well, Wally West. One of the most well known and beloved DC Comics characters of all time. Not to mention, one of the deaths in the massacre. However, flashbacks showing the lead up to the massacre show a confused and affected Wally, casting a suspicion on his mental state. It is also possible that the A.I and virtual reality in Sanctuary could have caused Wally to lose a sense of reality, accidentally killing the others and himself. Plus, multiple covers for the final three issues of ‘HEROES IN CRISIS’ have Wally suspiciously front and center, despite dying in the first issue. The evidence, when looked at, makes Wally West, unfortunately, a very suspicious character.


Nemesis is a minor character in ‘HEROES IN CRISIS’ as he has only appeared in a few panels. However, his death or survival has yet to be confirmed, unlike other Sanctuary residents. He has the means and knowledge to conduct the murders, and his dialogue has been somewhat questionable. However, he may be a bit too minor for the big reveal.

Now, let’s move on to the craziest theory.

The Sanctuary A.I.

Yeah, I know. The A.I in Sanctuary has been included multiple times in the story. Now, there are two possibilities for this.

1. The A.I has gone rogue and killed the heroes.

Now, in flashback sequences, the A.I has been shown to be aggressive, and trying to force the Sanctuary residents to face their issues. This could also tie into the mysterious figure sending the Sanctuary testimonies to Lois Lane and allowing them to be publicized.

2. The A.I has faked the heroes’ deaths.

It is possible that the A.I has used the virtual reality in the Sanctuary to make the heroes believe the others are dead. However, unless the A.I has affected all heroes in the DC Universe, this is unlikely.

Now, if you were to ask me, point blank, who the ‘HEROES IN CRISIS’ killer is, I’d say the two most likely choices are either Wally West or a rogue Sanctuary A.I. These two ideas have the most evidence, and are not in-book suspicions. It is even possible that it’s both, as theorized earlier, with Sanctuary’s A.I tricking Wally into committing the murders.

Who do you think is the Sanctuary killer? A new issue of ‘HEROES IN CRISIS’ will be released Wednesday March 27.

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