Suits: ‘One Last Con’ Sneak Peek Preview and Photos

Next week, Suits’ final episode: ‘One Last Con’ airs on USA Network at 9/8c. It’s a bittersweet conclusion to the past nine years of the iconic legal drama, but from the new photos provided by USA Network, it seems like everything will be alright in the end. Bring a box of tissues to the living room just in case. I know tears will be shed.

Tensions were high last episode, with Katrina being fired and Mike being subpoenaed by Harvey. The summary for this next episode is no more reassuring: “facing its potential destruction, the partners must go all in to save the firm.” I just want to watch my favorite cast drink a couple of beers and laugh! (Yes, by now, I’m aware that’s too much to ask for.)

Below is the final promo for Suits and the final set of sneak peek photos.

SUIT UP WITH ME ONE LAST TIME NEXT WEDNESDAY. The Suits finale premieres on September 25th at 9/8c.


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