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‘Stargirl’ Season 1 Finale Review – Wrapping Up Pristine DCTV

by Jeremiah Monaghan

After 13 episodes, Stargirl’s first season has officially come to a conclusion on DC Universe and The CW, with a second season coming exclusively to The CW in the future. As we look back on the freshman season of the latest DCTV series, it’s important to take into account how this conclusion wraps the season, how it stacks in comparison to what came before, and how it builds a future for the series. Luckily, the Stargirl finale excels in each and every one of these aspects.

Stargirl’s final hours tell a heartfelt and emotional story that tie arcs in the best ways possible. The Justice Society and their allies are sent on the most dangerous mission of their lives, as they work to prevent the new America of the Injustice Society’s wishes, which would cause the death of millions. Stopping the ISA is far from easy for they must confront their own demons in order to survive and ultimately, prevail.

Yvette Monreal, Brec Bassinger, and Cameron Gellman in ‘Stargirl’ courtesy of Warner Bros.

Courtney’s (Brec Bassinger)  journey across the first season begins with her as an overzealous superhero struggling to adjust to life with her new stepfather, and ends with her as a strong team leader who has built a strong relationship with Pat (Luke Wilson). Courtney and Pat’s bond is the heart of the series, and getting to see it grow over the course of the season is wonderful, as Courtney begins to look at Pat as if he’s her very own father.

The entire Justice Society get fulfilling arcs in this first season, each gratifying in their own way. Yolanda (Yvette Monreal) is forced to kill Brainwave (Christopher James Baker), something she never wanted to do, finally avenging the loss of Henry King Jr. (Jake Austin Walker). Rick (Cameron Gellman), when finally given the chance to kill Solomon Grundy, spares his life – learning to control his anger. Beth (Anjelika Washington) loses her goggles, setting up a very interesting story for her going forward. 

An important part of Stargirl has been its villains, and their stories are also completed with on par bookends. While the primary foes Icicle (Neil Jackson), Brainwave, and Dragon King (Nelson Lee) are killed off, they leave a notable stamp on the series, with the other Injustice Society members left open to return in the future. Stargirl’s villains have proven themselves to be incredibly antagonizing for the young heroes and the resolution to their narrative adds to the overall memorability that they brought so far.

Leading into the second season, currently set for release in 2021, Stargirl perfectly sets itself up for success. Not only do we have the search for the Seven Soldiers being conducted by Justin (Mark Ashworth), which could mean the arrival of heroes like Green Arrow and Speedy on the show, but also hints towards multiple new villains in season 2. We have the arrival of Shade, a former ISA member who betrayed the others, and Cindy (Meg DeLacy) preparing to bring Eclipso to life, which could potentially tie into the formation of a new ISA led by the children of the original villains. To top it all off, we have the return of Sylvester Pemberton (Joel McHale), also known as Starman, whose death kicked off the entire show to begin with. Stargirl’s second season will be no short of stories to tell.

Brec Bassinger in ’Stargirl’ courtesy of Warner Bros.

Stargirl’s opening season is as close as DC can get to a perfect season of television. The show manages to blend the perfect amount of comedy, drama, action, and essential heart that, combined together, build a strong beginning to what will hopefully be a long-running program. The closest DCTV has to this introduction of Stargirl is the first season of The Flash, and both serve as peak superhero content released on television thus far. There are very few flaws to be found in this well-paced, extremely exciting season. Whats in store for this bright addition to DCs evergrowing, beloved television universe is something to look forward to.


The first season of Stargirl is available to stream on DC Universe and The CW. Season 2 will premiere exclusively on The CW in 2021!

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