Krypton Season 2 ‘Will To Power’ Recap & Review

Tensions grow between Zod and the Wegthor rebels, Seg-El and Adam Strange take the fight to Brainiac on his home playing field, Dev-Em reappears as a soldier gone rogue, the long lost lover of Nyssa-Vex returns to the fold, and thankfully Doomsday is nowhere to be found. Lobo also shoots himself in the face. Krypton’s … Continue reading Krypton Season 2 ‘Will To Power’ Recap & Review

‘ETERNITY GIRL’ Issue #1 Review

    Eternity Girl kicked off its first issue in a new 12 issue run and aims to show the struggle of an eternal goddess wishing only for death. While this doesn't sound the normal DC fare of Batman and The Flash, this new comic is instead being released in DC's imprint, Young Animal. Young … Continue reading ‘ETERNITY GIRL’ Issue #1 Review