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Marv Wolfman Talks New Cyborg Comic, Night Force, Titans, Marvel & DC Characters He Would Like To Write & More. (Exclusive)

by Jacob Fisher

Creator of the Teen Titans, Black Cat, Deathstroke, Cyborg & so many more iconic characters, Marv Wolfman has made a large impact on the comic book industry with the characters he has created and written, and that successful impact has made an even larger impact on the comic book live-action and animation industry with the constant amounts of animated and live-action projects featuring some of his creations, more recently with Ray Fisher’s Cyborg in ‘JUSTICE LEAGUE’ and the Teen Titans in the upcoming ‘TITANS’ show on the DC Streaming Service.

Soon after the announcement of Marv Wolfman returning to write Cyborg, we knew we had to sit down with Mr Wolfman himself to dive deep into what this new Cyborg comic will entail as well as what characters he would like to write in the future, other creations of his that he would like to see get the live-action treatement and what other upcoming projects he has in the works.

INTERVIEWER: Firstly, congratulations on your return to writing Cyborg for his own solo series and as for this upcoming new Cyborg comic series, how was it like returning to write that character?

MARV: It was fun. I obviously like Cyborg; I like his back story and the world he lives in.

INTERVIEWER: What should readers be excited to see in the Cyborg series?

MARV: One of the things I wanted was to get away from the dark stories that I and other writers have done with Cyborg for so many years and do some big rock ‘em, sock ’em kind of stories. The stakes are huge. There’s lots of tension and drama, but I hope it’s the kind of comic story I(and hopefully you) have missed seeing.

INTERVIEWER: As for the villain in this new series, this villain is said to be a new creation by yourself, what can you tell us about this villain and how will he impact the story?

MARV: Nijiro Jin is pretty much the polar opposite of Vic. Even though Vic’s no longer angry at his situation, and accepts it more than he has in the past, given the chance he’d trade all his steel parts and the powers they give to once again be flesh and blood. N-Jin on he other hand has, time and again, been rebuilt for one 140 years, first by his father who in the 1800s constructed automatons (a real thing most popular in France and Japan). Now he wishes he could get rid of all his flesh and blood and truly become the engine he wants to be. The N-Jin learns about Cyborg and his alien technology, the same tech he wants to fulfill his dream.

INTERVIEWER: Is there any other characters, Marvel or DC that you would love to write in the future?

MARV: I’ve written pretty much all the Marvel characters I love, but would always like to do more Spider-Man or FF, not to mention Nova and Blade. At DC I never had a chance to do Adam Strange or Atomic Knights or even Hawkman. Aside from my own characters: (Titans/Omega Men/ Deathstroke, Vigilante, etc.) I’d love to get another go around with them.

INTERVIEWER: Nowadays, a lot of your characters that you have created are getting live action adaptions, however is there any of the characters that you’ve created that you would like see get their own live action adaption in the future?

MARV: Night Force. Without a doubt.

INTERVIEWER: One of your creations that is in fact getting its own live action adaption very soon is Teen Titans in the upcoming TITANS show for the DC Streaming Service, what are you excited to see from that show?

MARV: I have no idea what the approach to the show will be, but of course I’m excited about it. I do know Geoff Johns is really dedicated to the show so I feel it’s in the right hands. I would love to write one or co-write one but as I’m not a TV writer, I doubt that will happen.

INTERVIEWER: You also were one of the creators on Deathstroke, who lately has been getting a ton of live-action projects as of late both in the television department with ARROW and in the film department with his appearance in JUSTICE LEAGUE and with his upcoming solo film, what do you think makes Deathstroke in particular so appealing to audiences?

MARV: I know he’s a well designed character, emotionally and visually. I knew that from the moment I came up with the idea and then saw how George made him so unique. But as to why he’s popular, I just assume people like the bad boys. And there’s no one badder.

INTERVIEWER: To finish off this interview, is there any upcoming projects of yours that you would like to tease or discuss?

MARV: I’m currently writing Raven and Cyborg. Anything else is too early to talk about.

We would like to give a very large thank you to Mr Marv Wolfman for giving us some of his time for this interview and we greatly appreciate his responses and we wish him all the best with his upcoming CYBORG Series.

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