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New Arrivals for HBO Max September 2022

by Andrew J. Salazar
Austin Butler as Elvis Presley looks out the window while wearing huge sunglasses and driving down the Las Vegas strip in the movie directed by Baz Luhrmann now streaming on HBO Max in September 2022.

HBO Max is looking to provide subscribers with top-quality selections in September 2022 despite being recently put under hot water by its parent company Warner Bros Discovery. From canceling projects (one being almost completed with Batgirl) to removing a ton of titles in their entirety with little warning, the streamer has gone through quite the drastic rollercoaster in the last month or so, to say the least. But looking further into September 2022, there are still plenty of new arrivals to look forward to on HBO Max – one even being a potential awards contender in the upcoming season.

Without a doubt, the hottest title to watch this month is Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis. The biopic is as lavish and extraordinary as one could expect from Luhrmann’s tastes for theatrics. Subscribers looking for something just as eccentric but in a different genre might find some enjoyment in Roland Emmerich’s Moonfall. The Master of Disaster’s latest flick was met with some division by some of his fans, perhaps it can be appreciated more when watching from the comfort of home on HBO Max? People should take note that shows like The Vampire Diaries and Gotham will be calling HBO Max their new home in September 2022 as well.

Read more on our monthly recs and check out the full list of everything coming to and leaving HBO Max in September 2022 below. You can also find what’s new and about to be removed from Netflix and Disney+ right here on DiscussingFilm.

Our Recs:


Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis is one of the most unique music biopics in years. Untrustworthy narrator Colonel Tom Parker (Tom Hanks) guides audiences through the rise and demise of Elvis Presley (Austin Butler) as if he wasn’t blatantly responsible for some of it. It’s a bold framework that delivers a narrative that is much more fascinating to watch than a traditional straightforward plot of an artist’s upbringing.

However, the thing about Elvis is that the audience still gets all of that backstory and sensibility to the iconic musician’s persona but in a way that’s fresh and arguably does a better job at immortalizing him. Furthermore, Austin Butler is a current Best Actor favorite thanks to his magnificent and addicting turnout. What other awards prospects could lie ahead for this film? Production design, costume, makeup and hairstyling, all seem to be safe bets for now.

Elvis is now streaming on HBO Max!


Moonfall (2022 Movie) Official Trailer – Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson, John Bradley

With a budget of around $138-146 million, Moonfall stands as one of the most expensive independently produced projects of all time. Roland Emmerich literally took this title to new heights all through his own financing skills, though audiences didn’t feel the same way as the film went on to become one of the largest box office bombs ever when it released earlier in the year.

All hope isn’t lost for the Master of Disaster as one-of-a-kind films always manage to find new life when they become even more widely accessible on streaming. Those wondering what would happen if the Moon ever fell out of orbit and literally crashed into Earth, need to look no further. Maybe those who weren’t as fond of the film the first time around will find some new bittersweet value, as Roland Emmerich exclusively told us that Moonfall will be his last conspiracy theory film.

Moonfall crashed onto HBO Max on September 9, 2022!

Los Espookys – Season 2

Los Espookys Season 2 | Official Teaser | HBO

HBO’s fan-favorite Latin series is finally back after a 3-year wait. Created by Julio Torres, Ana Fabrega, and Fred Armisen, Los Espookys is looking to satisfy those sinister cravings just as the horror season kicks into full swing this year. The creative trio star in their horror comedy as a group of family and friends who aim to infuse their love for the macabre with reality. Los Espookys go around and deliver horror to people in need by acting out film-inspired scenarios in day-to-day life. The primarily Spanish-language series was arguably ahead of its time when it first debuted in 2019, and this new season will surely remind audiences why there’s no other show like it. Don’t let Los Espookys slip under your radar this Halloween season.

Los Espookys Season2 premieres on HBO Max September 16, 2022!

HBO Max Arrivals for September 2022

Coming September 1

The Accused, 1988 (HBO)
Airplane II: The Sequel, 1982 (HBO)
Airplane!, 1980 (HBO)
Andy Hardy Comes Home, 1958 
Andy Hardy Gets Spring Fever, 1939
Andy Hardy Meets a Debutante, 1940
Andy Hardy’s Blonde Trouble, 1944
Andy Hardy’s Double Life, 1942
Andy Hardy’s Private Secretary, 1941
Angela, 1995
Another Thin Man, 1939
The Bad and the Beautiful, 1952
Bandslam, 2009 (HBO)
The Beach Bum, 2019 (HBO)
Beau Travail, 1999
Cat People, 1942
The Courtship of Andy Hardy, 1942
Divergent, 2014 (HBO)
The Divergent Series: Allegiant, 2016 (HBO)
The Divergent Series: Insurgent, 2015 (HBO)
Double Trouble, 1967
Dragon Blade, 2015 (HBO)
Elvis on Tour, 1972 
The Eyes of My Mother, 2016 (HBO)
The Eyes of Orson Welles, 2018
Frankenstein, 1970
Girl Happy, 1965
Glory, 1989
Harper, 1966
Holiday, 1930
Hook, Line and Sinker, 1931
The Host, 2013 (HBO)
Hot Tub Time Machine, 2010 (HBO) (Extended Version)
In the Fade, 2017 (HBO)
It Happened at the World’s Fair, 1963
Jailhouse Rock, 1957 
Killer Elite, 2011 (HBO)
The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean, 1972
Life of Crime, 2014 (HBO)
Meet Dave, 2008 (HBO)
Melancholia, 2011 (HBO)
My Bloody Valentine, 1981 (HBO) (Extended Version)
My Week with Marilyn, 2011 (HBO)
The Nitwits, 1935
The Oklahoma Kid, 1939
Operation Crossbow, 1965
The Outfit, 1973
Please Stand By, 2017 (HBO)
Ratcatcher, 1999
Red Dust, 1932
The Ring Two, 2005 (HBO) (Extended Version)
Rita, Sue and Bob Too, 1987
Road to Singapore, 1931
Rocknrolla, 2008 (HBO)
Rosetta, 1999
The Scapegoat, 1959
The Sea Wolf, 1941
Screaming Eagles, 1956
Shadow Dancer, 2012 (HBO)
Shadow of the Thin Man, 1941
Song of the Thin Man, 1947
Spinout, 1966
The Tailor of Panama, 2001 (HBO)
Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, 1986 (HBO) (Extended Version)
There Was a Crooked Man, 1970
Till the End of Time, 1946
Topsy-Turvy, 1999
Torpedo Run, 1958
Varda by Agnès, 2019 
Village of the Damned, 1960
Waterloo Bridge, 1940
We’re All Going To The World’s Fair, 2021
What Lies Beneath, 2000 (HBO)
Where the Boys Are, 1960 
Wild Hogs, 2007 (HBO)
Woman Walks Ahead, 2017 (HBO)
Working Girls, 1986
Young Guns, 1988
Young Guns II, 1990
Zandy’s Bride, 1974

Coming September 2

Elvis, 2022 (HBO)
Total Dramarama, Season 3B Premiere

Coming September 3

Sesame Street Mecha Builders, Season 1C Premiere

Coming September 4

Primera, 2021
The Vampire Diaries, Seasons 1-8

Coming September 5

Beauty and the Bandit, 1946

Coming September 7

The Brave One, 1956
Young Sheldon, Season 5

Coming September 9

HBO First Look: See How They Run, Season Premiere (HBO)
Moonfall, 2022 (HBO)
Saving The King (aka Salvar al Rey), Max Original Season 1
Tom Swift, Season 1

Coming September 10 

Impractical Jokers, Season 9C
Impractical Jokers, Season 9C Specials

Coming September 12

The Criminal Life of Archibaldo de La Cruz, 1955

Coming September 14

Tammy, 2014 (HBO) (Extended Version)

Coming September 15

Dos Monjes, 1934
Lucia, 1968

Coming September 16

Good Behavior, Seasons 1-2
Los Espookys, Season 2 Premiere (HBO)

Coming September 17

Secret Origin Of The Batwheels 

Coming September 21

Escape From Kabul, 2022 (HBO)

Coming September 22

The Hype, Max Original Season 2 Premiere
Living Single, Seasons 1-5

Coming September 23

Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace? Season 1 Premiere

Coming September 28

Hostages, Documentary Series Premiere (HBO)
Into the Storm, 2014 (HBO)

Coming September 29

Looney Tunes Cartoons (S5B) Halloween Special Max Original Premiere

Coming September 30

Bing, Season 1C
Gotham, Seasons 1-5

Leaving HBO Max in September 2022

HBO Max is losing a ton of notable films in September 2022, oh where to begin? Quentin Tarantino fans should know that Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2 and Reservoir Dogs will be leaving. More distinguished titles including Moonrise Kingdom, Punch-Drunk Love, Adaptation., and Whiplash are being removed too.

Leaving September 4

Meet the Patels, 2014

Leaving September 5

Turner Classic Movies: Follow the Thread, 2022 

Leaving September 8

Teen Titans Go! To The Movies, 2018

Leaving September 9

Horrible Bosses 2, 2014 

Leaving September 11

Fatale, 2020 (HBO)

Leaving September 14 

Starting Life in Another World- (S2 Eps 1-13) (Dubbed), 2016
Starting Life in Another World- (S2 Eps 1-13) (Subtitled), 2016
Starting Life in Another World- (S2 Eps 14-25) (Dubbed), 2016
Starting Life in Another World- (S2 Eps 14-25) (Subtitled), 2016

Leaving September 16

The Little Things, 2021 (HBO) 

Leaving September 17

Inheritance, 2020 (HBO)

Leaving September 20

American Sniper, 2014 

Leaving September 24

The Quarry, 2020 (HBO)

Leaving September 30

3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain, 1998
3 Ninjas: Knuckle Up, 1993 
A Mouse Tale, 2012 (HBO)
Adaptation., 2002
American History X, 1988
An American Haunting, 2006 (HBO)
Are We Done Yet?, 2007 
Are We There Yet?, 2005
Beef, 2020 (HBO)
Brooklyn’s Finest, 2010 (HBO)
Bundle of Joy, 1956
Buried, 2010
Cantinflas, 2014 (HBO)
City Slickers, 1991
Cocoon the Return, 1988 (HBO)
Contagion, 2011
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, 2000
Dark Passage, 1947
Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, 2010
Double Trouble, 1967
El Robo Del Siglo (aka Heist of the Century), 2020 (HBO)
Ella Enchanted, 2004 (HBO)
Elvis on Tour, 1972
Emma, 1996
Erased, 2013 (HBO)
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, 2001
Fired Up!, 2009
Freaky, 2020 (HBO)
From Paris With Love, 2010 (HBO)
Frozen River, 2008
Genius, 2016 (HBO)
Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, 2009 
Giant, 1956
Girl Happy, 1965
Girls, Interrupted, 1999
Graffiti Bridge, 1990
Harina (aka Flour), 2018 (HBO)
Home Fries, 1998 (HBO)
How Do You Know, 2010
I Know What You Did Last Summer, 1997
I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, 1998
I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer, 2006
It Could Happen to You, 1994 
It Happpened at the World’s Fair, 1963
J. Edgar, 2001 (HBO)
Jailhouse Rock, 1957
John Carpenter Presents Vampires: Los Muertos, 2002
Journey 2: The Mysterious Island
Journey to the Center of the Earth, 2008
Judas and the Black Messiah, 2021 (HBO)
Jungle Master, 2013 (HBO)
Kill Bill: Vol, 1, 2003
Kill Bill: Vol. 2, 2004
Krull, 1983 (HBO)
Last Night, 2011 (HBO)
Let Him Go, 2020 (HBO)
Lethal Weapon 2, 1989
Lethal Weapon 3, 1992
Lethal Weapon 4, 1998
Lethal Weapon, 1987
Little Baby Bum (S1), 2011
Little Baby Bum (S2), 2011
Little Baby Bum: Learning & Fun, 2011
Lords of Dogtown
M*A*S*H, 1970 
Major League II, 1994
Major League: Back to the Minors, 2006
Mano de Obra (aka Workforce), 2019 (HBO)
Mary Reilly, 1996 
Meet Me in St. Louis, 1944
Michael Clayton, 2007
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movies, 1995 (HBO)
Miles Ahead, 2016
Miracle on 34th Street, 1947 (HBO)
Moonrise Kingdom, 2012 (HBO)
National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, 1989
National Lampoon’s Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj, 2006 (HBO)
Next, 2007 (HBO)
Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist, 2008
Nobody’s Fool, 1994
Period of Adjustment, 1962
Punch-Drunk Love, 2002
Purple Rain, 1984
Radio Flyer, 1992
Reservation Road, 2007 (HBO)
Reservoir Dogs, 1992 (HBO)
Return to Me, 2000 (HBO)
Revolver, 2007 (HBO)
Ride the High Country, 1962
Righteous Kill, 2008 (HBO)
Scary Movie 2, 2001
Scary Movie 3, 2003
Scary Movie, 2000 
Sex Drive, 2008 (Extended Version)
Shark Night 3D, 2011 (HBO)
Shrek The Third, 2007 (HBO)
Shrink, 2009 (HBO)
SLC Punk!, 1999 (HBO)
Sleepless in Seattle, 1993 
Soul Surder, 2011 
Spartan, 2004 (HBO)
Spinout, 1966
Stealing Harvard, 2002 (HBO)
Steel, 1997
Strike Up the Band, 1940
Super 8, 2011 (HBO)
The Adventures of Mark Twain, 1944
The Adventures of Milo and Otis, 1989
The Boondocks Saints II: All Saints Day (Director’s Cut)
The Brothers Solomon, 2007 (HBO)
The Cooler, 2003 (HBO)
The Empty Man, 2020 (HBO)
The Harvey Girl, 1946
The Holiday, 2006 (HBO)
The Internship, 2013 (HBO)
The Iron Giant, 1999
The Ladies Man, 2000 (HBO)
The Pirate, 1948
The Raid: Redemption, 2012 (HBO) (Extended Version)
The Relic, 1997 (HBO)
The Secret in Their Eyes, 2010 (HBO)
The Unsinkable Molly Brown, 1964
The Wackness, 2008 (HBO)
The Way Way Back, 2013 (HBO)
Things We Lost in the Fire, 2007 (HBO)
Tootsie, 1982 (HBO)
Twister, 1996
Ultraviolet, 2006
Under the Cherry Moon, 1986
Universal Soldier: The Return, 1999
Vegas Vacation, 1997
Warm Bodies, 2013 (HBO)
Welcome to Collinwood, 2002 (HBO)
Welcome to the Dollhouse, 1995
What You Gonna Do When the World’s on Fire?, 2018
Whiplash, 2015
Who’s Harry Crumb?, 1989 (HBO)
Wiener Dog Internationals, 2017 (HBO)
Zookeeper, 2011

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