People, Places, and Gentrification in ‘The Last Black Man in San Francisco’

Complex adoration for the city by the bay is used to explore the nuances of gentrification in 'The Last Black Man in San Francisco'


Top 20 Horror Films of the Last Decade – ‘Suspiria’, ‘The Conjuring’, ‘Us’, & More

The past decade has seen what some would call a Golden Age of horror. Including the introduction of some of the best new filmmaking voices and 'newfound masters of cinema' (a select few directors) of the 21st century. In the state we're in now, the only way to go is up and this has been…

The Lobster – Love by Regulation

I really reject the repeated notion that “Hollywood is out of ideas”. You hear that over and over again, and it’s simply not true. There are endless original movies being made every day by an endless amount of filmmakers both new and old, but most people just don’t go see them. It’s something I quickly…